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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vonairs - Fucamo single review

Year : 2013
Genre : House with a Hardstyle taste
Origin : Sweden
Official site : > - here - <

Stockholm's Vonairs is imminent to release a full scale sonic declaration of subwooffer-doom through an illegal space-time rift opening near you on the probable reality surface, and the ensemble is about to stimulate interest in the upcoming attraction via releasing a single from the impending full length. Read on to know more about this track, or, even better, listen to it yourself while observing some related worded thoughts about it, right after the experience is freshly soaked in.

Though the official name of the game is house music, I personally had hardstyle vibes all over the place, as each and every instrument is pumped/beefed up on anabolic cybersteroid paua', which, safe to say, is a usual-, almost obligatory conduct on a field of music that primarily seeks to command the listener to move her/his body in intentionally rhythmic manner, regardless of the visual data she/he represents during this hopefully delightful and lifting process. If you are not having fun while dancing, no one you dance with has fun, either. The flow of things observable on this single, showcases an unusually eager willingness to submit to the ethos of the well executed rhythmic buildups, - peaks - of which it offers more than the effective time it spends with the elaboration of the actual themes. The themes offered are not full blown thematics, they instead are elements of interconnection between two peaks. The beneficial result of this compositional strategy is, that the track reeks solid-, albeit radical variation, - you won't be given time to showcase your bestest moves, my love - while the apparent lack of a well sculpted out main theme might come across - emphasis on "might", and I will elaborate in a second - as a relative hindrance. This music is all about the anticipation, after all - it conveys you the message : "in 25 secs, your mind will be ripped out. In 15 secs, your mind not only will be ripped out, but will be rewritten via a cosmic transmission of unprecedented significance. Now only 5 secs are remaining, and now you know perfectly well that there is no room and time enough to escape anymore, now you know that you will submit, now you know that you WANT to submit. With 1 sec remaining, you know that it no longer is about what's going to happen next, instead, it is about the things YOU think will happen next.

And now, for that aforementioned "might". Failing to address this very word and its implicated very question is what makes the release of this single a clever decision. In a danceroom environment with females and males marketing their bodies around as a timeless ritual in expressing themselves as dominant individuals who are fun to spend time with, - no one ever danced with the intention : "look at me, I suck ancient monkey tits!" - this mentioned timescale and the related ritual it serves, definitely harvests/demands massive volumetrics to itself. So have no doubt about the FACT that the Vonairs LP will feature well sculpted out themes in its fabrics, - because it is a law a house composer must adhere to - and I have a hunch that the duo deliberately refrains from showcasing too much of those with this single. The language they speak, remains a mystery. But they deliver the promise that they speak a certain kind of house/hardstyle lingo. This track pulls off the most important thing that it has to : it leaves you wanting more, and it leaves you being curious of the anatomies of that "more".

Check out the single - > here.

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