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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Legend of Xero - Ascension extended preview

Year : coming in 2014
Genre : Dark Pop
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

On the Official site linked above and here, you could find all the relevant historic/narrative information you'll need to decipher the autonomous agenda-character of this rebellious commodity. The central figure of the flow demands a separate and uncompromisingly (self)honest methodology to approximate the most significant truths of consensual reality, and the music, not surprisingly, is willingly imbues itself with a contemplative and relatively restrained artistic disposition. So far so good, since, if you are angry while searching for a truth, you are quite suspicious.

A reliance on archaic elements - male chorus and other exotics, well made enigmatic ingredients - is observable, offered on ultra-orthodox, albeit timelessly efficient mid-tempo 4/4 pulsations. It remains to be seen whether the full face value spin will contain the Billy Idol-esque High Octane Heft Power Feral Animal, and me mentioning Billy is of no coincidence, as I'm picking up on intriguing/authentic mood similarities between the direction represented by this effort, and, between Billy's timelessly relevant 1993 outing, "Cyberpunk". The song "Heroin", from the Cyberpunk album, - as a more intense one - and "Adam in Chains" - as the mellow extreme - reveal(s) quite similar spiritual flavors to the obligatory ethos of being rebellious while you are young. If you are not young, you suck, anyway. But you only have 20 years to be a proper punk. Be a punk while you are 30, and I find you in the need of a wake up call. Be a punk while you are in your 40s, and I despise you wholeheartedly. Be a punk while in your 50s, and you are probably dead, OR better off. Read on to know more about this disc, which dares to be punk without claiming the right to cause harm in anything, let alone in anyone.

As hinted, this 21 minute extended preview of what is to come in 2014, is a quite consciously restrained, but musically informative forecasting of the tamer aspects of the gravitational pulls the main narrator currently is subjected to as an entity riding on a relentless urge to express his inner sentiments in intentionally rhythmic fashion, yet there is no current telling if you'll be invited to riot around in a disco, - Shock to the System, - so you will not have to do that in real life, or, if the whole album will convey this peaceful, self-reflective pacing.  I hope it will show the Animal. If there is no Animal yet, one better invent it.

The majority of this 21 minutes rides along a comfortable, polite urban register that feels no urge to hurry at all, while at the climax the flow goes as bravely far as to soak itself into golden era house rhetorics in the vocal department, and while I have zero qualm with this style whatsoever, the profound-, the cosmic-, the horrific level of reliance on pitch correction - Norma, they are using pitch correction!! - is not only observable, but quite ultra-obvious - the track "Don't Kiss The Girl", for example. The track doubtless showcases monumental conviction-balls simply because it dares to showcase this amount of sonic witchcraft and trickery, yet I'm 101% sure that the statement could be so much better had it feature the natural and respectful vocals the song doubtless deserves. Respectful = you sing until you find it at LEAST acceptable. Re-record. < - sloppily concealed subliminal message to the creator.

The disc pulls its primal agenda off with elegance and efficiency, as it leaves you quite intrigued for its overall character. Check out The Legend of Xero - Ascension extended preview here.

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