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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Will It Be Avenged Sevenfold? - a YouTube comment on Coverkillernation's Hail to The King review

Here is Coverkillernation's video review of the latest Avenged Sevenfold album : link.

Here is the comment I could not resist to articulate and send :

The amount of misplaced and unwarranted generosity you approach this record with, is outright appalling and totally out of your - so far - reckless, in-your-face, and optimally blunt character that I always have respected you for. I have been watching your reviews since 1742, and you lost half of your credo with this review in my eyes. I really want to give it back. Indeed, I'm only 1 person, and originally I did not even want to write this comment, - got way too saddened by the approach you relied on in this review - and I can foresee the amount of flame I'll likely have to receive for this comment from the fans. But I write this, because I felt that you have lost your trademark "I don't give a shit, I'm going to say it as I feel it is"-attitude in this video, or, you simply have double standards. Both would be terrible variants that I'd prefer to discard right away, and this very contradiction commands me to write this comment anyway. I always considered you to be a super-knowledgeable metal scholar, and I can't understand how is it possible that I did not witness a much more rigorous stance from you regarding the excessive copy-pasting of song anatomies that is rampant/evident on this release. I mean, its excessiveness is absurd. I thought I'll see an outrage from you - as a start - for the avid replica tendencies 75% of this disc is comprised of, and please do not assume that I merely am whiny and butthurt because I did not have a chance to witness you teeing off on this album, thereby missing my much anticipated entertainment. As you, I too, were open-minded with this release as a listener,  but it seems to me that your impressions of it are deeply affected by an urge not to piss A7X fans off. You should have been much-much more rigorous regarding the song replicas, but, oooh shit, you HAD to give at least an 8, otherwise they would have assmassacred you - this was your train of thought, and deep down you know I'm right about this, which saddens me even more. You basically left your trademark reviewer balls at the information desk with this review. What I have seen herein is a modest, polite, family friendly, dare I say, politically correct review my grandma approves, in which you overlook gestures you normally fucking kill for. You got scared of the A7X fanbase in this review, in my opinion. Had it not been Avenged Sevenfold's recent hit record, you'd tear up a new one on this LP for the frankly, insulting amount of anatomical mimicry and "creative" deceit that it contains. It is blatantly and painfully obvious that "This means war" is an anatomical copy of "Sad But True", "Doing Time" is an anatomical copy of "It's so Easy" - even the singing style is mimicked, as is Axl's trademark ├╝bergrowl from "Perfect Crime", the "Symphony of Destruction" and "Hangar 18" ripoff equally comes across as an inside joke, etc - and you mention some sources yourself, too. The "Number of the Beast" knockoff? How is it possible that you get away with - "well, it definitely is starting to bog down" - it definitely is insulting to listen to these simulacrums as originals, and the only thing more insulting, is to offer them as originals. One does not know whether to be feel taken for a sedated monkey after lobotomy, or feel cheated to the core or feel saddened to the core, or all of these. They impertinently copy the emotional registers the inspirator songs communicate themselves on. It is beyond me how it is possible that Megadeth, Metallica, Guns 'N Roses do not file lawsuits for these ripoffs, but, to be perfectly frank I would not even be surprised if each ripped off band would receive royalty, - and good for them! I swear I had zero problem if the disc would be marketed as "Avenged Sevelfold's Variants on Metal Classics". I swear I would not have a single bad word for the projet. But marketing these songs as originals? This is evolution death 2.0. It is not about influences - the majority of the songs on this album are outright simulacrums of their inspirators, replicas that seek to mimic their sources with submissive servitude. I never would have imagined that it could ever come to me having to write the following to you, but, according to my opinion, you got scared shitless of the fanrage you could have received if to voice an honest opinion, - you should have been enraged by this amount of simulacra-fabrication - so you decided to deliver a polite, modest review that does not offend the Avenged Sevenfold fans of your overall viewerbase. Understandable, but you handled this immaturely, in a way that hurts your credo, at least, in my eyes. What about Robb Flynn of Machine Head? I'm sure you are aware of his humorous rant about the similarities he picks up on the record, and the amount of heat HE is taking for it by the A7X audience, is considerable. 75% of this disc DECEITS its fans. If you love to be deceived, good job! But it is your job, Coverkillernation, to fortify your original standard, by which a band would not be able to get away with this - and you give an 8 of 10. If YOU are compromised, then who isn't? The same critical and uncompromising rigor you have handled Geoff Tate's latest with, were called for in this review, but you refrained from showing balls. This album is an illusion. Anyway, I did not want to challenge any taste with this comment, - as stated, I'd have 0 gripes with this release had it feature "Avenged Sevenfold - Variants on Metal Classics" on its cover - but I had to attempt to express my bewilderment of the "critical" stance you occupy in this review, as I consider this position totally out of character and out of regular conduct from you, based on years of prior consistence and quality. Peace All!

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