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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Try Hardz - Try Hard with a Vengeance (On Earth) review

Year : 2013
Genre : experimental, extreme glitch galore, ambient mindfuckery
Label : Fauxtown Records
Origin : Canada
Official site : > - here - <

This review starts out with an information snippet taken from the official site, giving you the heads-up of the characterology of this formation.

Try Hardz consist of Randal-dandy, and his two trusty human sidekicks, Y.C., and J.K. At the behest of mysterious forces, and with the joint-endorsement of the C.I.A. and NASA, these "Try Hardz" have been compelled to make music primarily to create signals which render offworld communiques between a variety of alien invaders useless, or at least harder to understand by any galactic standard. 

I don't know how long this disc is, though I'm pretty sure it elevates the concept of infinity to the very next level. The name of the game is semi-sadistic silence molestation just for the fun of it, with no particular regards or considerations exhibited towards structure, low entropy meaning, or form. Structure and form are inescapable hallmarks owned even by the most complex audio patterns, and the builds that reign deliberately - and oftentimes hypocritically/arrogantly - deprived of these things, oftentimes are the ones that are very easy to catch amidst the most ambitious narrative fallacies, fueled by an intent to showcase themselves to be much more intriguing then they (secretly.) are. Read on to know more.

This spin claims the right to embellish/litter the awareness and the consciousness ecosystem with limitless forms of self-congratulatory-, yet efficient sonic arrogance and high entropy randomness scattered through the canvas of "teh" Deliberate No-Concept, - it is so safe to fail if I can say it was deliberate - and the resultant stimuli of this very act reflects the aforementioned intentions with simultaneously dramatic AND pretty much non-consequential efficiency. The disc is decent enough as an ambient-spirited, thorough and "exctruniafgnlkfdaly mindfuck", - see? - minus the (in my opinion) unacceptable volume peak differences that I think are very inconsiderate to include, though I would not assume that it was a conscious decision. But the tracks definitely need a common ground of volume, and this common ground is absent now. I had to reboot my nervous system on 32423 separate occasions while listening to this album. As such, be very cautious of how you listen to this effort, because the peak volume differences between the tracks, frankly, are absurd.

Now, for the randomness, for the alleged fun! In this particular reality, sound has no other choice than to express itself via the vibration of air particles, - unless you have happened to hear them before in your psyche and seek to mimic it! That is the perennial idea behind music making, actually. But it does not mean that the perennial idea should not have its ass get kicked around from time to time, correct? A truth worth called one should be expected to withstand your very best spiritual assault. If this INDEED is the perennial idea, then it should be able to absorb those, correct?

This disc is the glorious antitheses of this intent! Of pretty much ALL intent, except for the expression of the primordial acceptance of the sound, whatever the sound might be. But the disc is rather modest, albeit enthusiastic. This indeed is a disc that seeks to showcase the sacred nature of the above implied non-transformation, - by which sound is worshiped, no matter where it is coming from and what does it want - simply by regarding the act of soundmaking as an act of necessary AND full fledged magic. But conscious intent is never thrown in to the mix. This is not a necessary hindrance, of course - it is just the way this release reads to me as. "uhuh"

In this genre of deliberate selfcongratulatory "becauseican" fuckaroundary, you can't give a "wrong" sound, because the idea is to let whatever happens : happen! You are a genius, but me, too, so we are good! No structure is sought after, and as such, the acceptance of higher randomness necessary yields a successful experiment. "True that!", and good for us. Once sound is accepted at face value, it still is a nice, yet very limited form of interaction which will yield very limited forms of meaning - IF any! It is up to you to come up with the meaning, realizing that you spent the entire fucking time identifying the lack of it. Ah, the irony! But this isn't entirely true with sounds, nor is a quite fair comparison, since the decoding of sounds always is subjected to uncertainty, and, as such, I deem the record a successful effort for what it wants to accomplish, and it certainly sported segments that I am willing to revisit.

I'm not against this ethos of music at all, yet the ultimate form of this genre demands extreme amount of work. I would go as far as to claim that certain elements of this disc are pretty badass. When structure mimics randomness, THEN you are successful. When your randomness reflects randomness, you are just masturbating, and this goes not just for this record, but for all records of the similar sort. You have to be able to flirt with meaning. If you are into this kind of seemingly-random-but-omg-so-badass-music, look no further than Blotted Science.

"True randomness" will never be able to convey the same amount of meaning, of course, because true randomness deliberately seeks to escape the need to convey meaning at all! This is why it is useflu. < - See??

As far as full fledged mindfuckery goes, this disk ultimately weighs in as a vastly inconsistent yet brave experiment, and also one that vastly overstays its welcome by a galactic mile due to its own unfathomable unawareness of its rampant inconsistencies and periodic, YET prolonged creative vacuums.

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