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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mike Hill Management - Three Words: Welcome to Germany review

Year : 2014
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : Germany/United States
Official site : > - here - <

Mike Hill Management is a transatlantic sonic syndicate seeking to facilitate creatively lucrative collaborations between hip hop artists who, despite populating different continents of the planet, are still being fueled by similar urban dynamics in the context of their day to day lives. The album is massively mid tempo, laid back, kind, friendly, fun, thorough in its intentions, and features a deep scoop from the smartly targeted talent pool, oftentimes pairing up female and male rappers in successful attempts to convey additional vocal flavors and grit to the individual contributions. The disc has an element of interconnection, a consistency, which is none other than a fascination towards rich, reverberating '80s sounds that do not seek to intimidate, yet claim the right to come across with unquestionable rigor and ultra-steroid subwoofer volumetrics. Read on to know more.

Most mixtapes can be safely accused of not being fully aware of the inherent limitations of their natural charms, yet this particular installment is an exception that may or may not prove to fortify this very rule of (down)thumb I have just mentioned. The flow herein is kept tight, consistent, emerging faithful to the overall agenda to render no submission until the harmonic structures absolutely demand it - then you WANT to submit, anyway. That particular certain retro muscle-charm power is evident and eminent on the disc. The songs take the ancient/great pumping power rap of Run DMC and take it to its extremes by parking soberly researched sounds all over the place, and never refraining from going deliberately gigawild on the effect tablets.

Courtesy of the competent attitude of handling the performers as the main attractions, the featured prospects exhibit no problems bending these larger-than-life retroid synthpop backdrops to their will, and I honestly can say that this right here is a mixtape I'm 100% sure I'm going to revisit on frequent occasions, as result of the numerous highlights it features. If you have any aversion towards mixpates at all, this particular one is the perfect candidate to rewrite and utterly optimize your related sentiments with. Soul-AND thoughtful hip hop done with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and love towards the timeless pulsation of the genre, with many-many points of peaking relevances in the performances. So many of those that I wholeheartedly recommend the whole effort.

You WANT this, biatch!

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