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Monday, February 17, 2014

a Big Hit Buda listening session

Year : 2014
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States

Hip hop prospect Big Hit Buda is about to be faithful to his name, and score one on your awareness. This review is based on his almost-complete upcoming full length.

"Freak Juice" is the most experimentive track on the release, and also is the perfect opening. The overall demeanor of the disc is prone to provoke nicely planned out collisions between melodic central hooks and supra-orthodox hip hop pulsations, and this particular track is a perfect example of this mandatory strategy. The lazy/hilarious 8-bit video game base reveals a structure that offers a whole set of fields in its anatomy to discover-, even cleverly exploit melodic and hip hop attractions on. I especially like the culmination of the hook, by which the originally simplistic sung line turns into a funk-flavored melodic statement Mike Patton would gladly give to you.

"Heart of a Champion" is a definite highlight that dares to come forth with one of the most fundamental - and therefore efficient - pop chord-progressions, and STILL manages to make it work superbly via the utilization of clever rhythmic patterns. The multiple saturations of the same idea is key herein. Featurette Vanessa Jordan is rendering a lush vocal hook with which she commands the whole build to gravitate around her voice, and it is no wonder that the rapping of Big Hit Buda submits willingly if and when home is Vanessa Jordan.

"Let the music play" summons early '90s charm power, as it really has "2 Unlimited" written all over it. The re-visitation of such roots might seem risky in a scene with expectations sprouting forwards without restraints. Although discarding those for the retroid 4/4 pummel power is a gesture that is capable to stand strong on its own merit, the rampant reliance on autotune might bestow an extreme effect on you. But not necessarily a bad effect, either: be prepared to '90s vibes.

"Stand Strong" once again establishes a particularly intact melodic background via the utilization of two nicely selected chords that intersect the living field between spirituale and house, spiced up by a decent vocal ingredient and a particularly beautiful high frequency synth-pattern. A fantastic moment! The rapping of Big Hit Buda compliments the flow from a very well researched place - mix-wise - , as his presence is relentless and unquestionable, and still, the dominant performance manages to emerge as gentle at the same time, being careful not to hurt its surroundings via peaking into territories it has no business at. A superbly constructed, ultra-orhodox hip hop track with real soul and thought.

"Who I Am" is another massively melody-driven piece, with Ashleigh Munn giving you the funk-spirited stoic declaration of will. Declarations of will are especially uplifting when given by women. You know why? Because women are complete already. That is why men want them. As with the previous track, Big Hit Buda compliments the pacing of the 4/4 pulsation with safe self-reinforcements that reek all the charms and charisma of a self help book, not as if I'd find anything wrong with that.

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