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Monday, February 24, 2014

6 Sense - The Anthology review

Year : 2006 to present days
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Where to check out album  : > - here - <

This review starts out with a verbatim quotation snippet sent by the artist with the review order.

"Artist bio:6 Sense born Darrell Witcher on January 20th, 1990 in Roanoke, Va. He found his passion for music in the 8th grade and began releasing songs by the time he was in high school. 6 Sense has released numerous projects with past groups (The Crusades and The Hard Hittaz) and in 2010 released his first published solo project ''11:40 am.'' Following ''11:40 am'' 6 Sense released ''21 Years Later'' his second solo project & ''Where Art Thou Competition'' collaboration with fellow Outer Circle artist Young S.P.I.T. 6 Sense released his 3rd solo album "21 & UP" In January of 2013, and "Where Art Thou Competition: Reloaded" with Young S.P.I.T. In April of 2013. Releasing his most recent project just last week which is a 6 song EP titled "Consistency". 6 Sense has released 3 projects in a seven month span. You can download all of these projects on iTunes, and numerous online retailers. Now 6 Sense has plans to continue performing all around Virginia aswell as outside of Virginia."

Read on to know more about the disc.

As far as its size is concerned, this album is not only immense, but, for the socioculturally rebellious, it is outright EMENCE. 6 Sense's monster-sized anthology gives you a selection palette that dates back from 2006 and spans to his present day hip hop contributions, giving you pleasant and thorough opportunities to see and hear how 6 Sense's perception of the ideal rap song has evolved during this time, both from a narrative, and, from a production standpoint. The backdrops are rabid, freely spirited, and, what's the most valiant quality of the whole anthology: they are so far from the "values" of overproduction that these track do not even know that such a direction and state - being overproduced, that is - exist(s), at all. While a hip hop artist has an almost automatic obligation to be highly underground - yeah, I just lost a level - these tracks definitely convey an undeground grit, paired up with an EXTREMELY diverse set of productional ethoses and extremely different timbers you'll be able to subject yourself through this release.

Check out track number 5 for example, with that relentless/constant subwooffer-bass, - I think this one is a particularly muscular and sexy hip hop track, and you think that too - and soak your ears to the top tier rapping on the top it, complimented nicely by all the sounds you would care and dare to include as high frequency details: strings, arpeggiated ideas, really, what's not to like? We should not forget though that I have mentioned a diverse set of production values on display, and, while this particular track -  track 5 - punishes as valiantly as any beefed up hip hop classic you could think of, it needs to be said that SOME - and not more - of the earlier builds do commit the mistakes that I do not believe 6 Sense would commit again.

The track "Excuse me" is an example of this, as the rapping is top notch to my ears - but 6 Sense's superb flow gets bombarded/pierced through by kickdrums so big that keep fucking Magilla Gorilla on a leash. Paradoxically enough, the inclusion of these earlier efforts - which already display considerable talent and a keen affection for unorthodox, experimentive and optimally impertinent, brave backdrops - elevate the appeals of the whole experience, since, as I hinted, they represent the evolutionary process of how 6 Sense has developed his most important assets in the biz - chops, rhymes, ears, and heart all included. I recommend this anthology as a particularly - this is the correct word - REAL one. Also notice the tendency of 6 Sense to give you a brief summary of the backdrop without the rapping on it at the endings, which is a sonic narrative method frequently used by Meshuggah, - imagine cybernetic roar here - and I think they have taken it from Pantera, back from the early '90s. A badass and unusually colorful hip hop record, yet be prepared to adjust the volume from time to time.

Check out the 6 Sense Anthology here.

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