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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a Project S.N.A.R.E. listening session

Year : 2009 to present day
Genre : Experimental with Psychedelic overtones
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Project S.N.A.R.E. is a collaborative effort between various artists, centered primarily around  the sonic gravitational pulls established by the overall musical direction of Scan Hopper - review here and here - yet more emphasis is devoted towards experimental tendencies.

Flamboyancy and a keen readiness to offer clear thoughts through well varied saturations are key ingredients on these unusually eloquent deliveries. The music still is psychedelic quasi-soft rock at heart - heft-rode insanity and gritty distortion power are not on the current invitee list - but the structural elements of the music are simultaneously less/more constrained, courtesy of the smart limitations regarding the mere sonic real estate they are occupying - seldom are the times that a given segment would entertain the fabric for more than a couple of minutes, and the listener's musical awareness is courted skillfully along gentle registers of constant variation.

A given musical space is traded for yet another on a relentless-, yet tame "basis-tunnel", while the element of interconnection between these environments equates with the overall tone of these collective contributions that never lose sight of a massively psychedelic, yet gently experimental agenda. They can live on their own, and they can be assembled to a monolith-experience for the enjoyment of the devoted soulseeka'. Read on to know more about the project.

Given the lifespan of the enterprise, the content you can soak a pair of ears or more into is abundant already. The music still is of a fragile, dainty frame, and entertains the aforementioned variation with a particularly colorful narrative tool palette, leaving pretty much nothing to be desired if and when your current focus of interest is to conduct tame private investigations by searching for yourself on the retina of yet another individual, which happens to be a rather persistent pastime of the human condition.

The current catalog of Project S.N.A.R.E. - fortunately - is much too integral, coherent and massive already to warrant the act of taking out any given segment of it in an arbitrary manner, fueled by the misplaced intention to form a reflection of the character of the whole by accounting the attributes of a set of individual patterns that make up that whole in the long run. True enough, even the smallest ingredient reflects that whole, yet this body of work demands devoted attention from your part if to form a competent take on the overall experience. A lot of audio to bath in. Suffice it to say that the catalog demands the immediate attention of all who thinks of herself/himself as appreciative of peaceful music that maintains the right to pose questions, even uncomfortable ones.

To wrap this warp up, and, to warp this wrap up, - Eye sack Newton, yes - Project S.N.A.R.E. sounds to be a lucrative cooperation of like-minded and soulful individuals who have mastered a fine and grateful command over a shape of music that emerged as the expression of a tame (I can imagine) counter-culture and got timeless in the process.

Psyche never goes out of fashion, after all.

Check out Project S.N.A.R.E. at their official site at > - www.projectsnare.com - <

Project S.N.A.R.E. at BandCamp.

GyZ at Bandcamp.

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