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Monday, April 15, 2013

Gotham Heights - Wake Up, Now Go To Sleep single review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : SpaceLAB Recordings
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Gotham Heights is coming through a space-time rift near you with a full fledged long play from which the group releases the first single in an attempt to stimulate interest. Notice this : since you are reading this, they are succeeding masterfully. Following traditional standards of attentiveness, Gotham Heights delivers the single not through one, but in three distinctive formats, even including an acapella version with "just" the rapped lyrical content in it. If this is not an invitation for a Waltz towards the upcoming producer, then I do not know what is.

I have decided to include the official press release that have came with this bundle, after which I will share my brief personal sentiments with you regarding the track. Stay tuned, and read on to know more about this introductory single.

Press release is in Italic.

"Gotham is everywhere; Gotham is nowhere."

Gotham Heights proudly present their first single off their anticipated sophomore LP, The Power of 3: Part II - "Wake Up, Now Go To Sleep." Produced by longtime collaborator Strycc9000, the song catches your ear with a melodic lullaby of a chorus, before the beat drops in at full force & the three emcees trade verses detailing the Apocalypse, from their vantage point atop the city.

Officially formed in 2010, but friends & collaborators since high school, Gotham Heights is a ferocious trio consisting of Mike N.O.T.E.S, Ed Ward, & Mo Kofuma. Painting abstract, but tuneful, pictures of the city with words, meant to be not seen, but felt; the group meshes heavy lyricism with melodies almost effortlessly. Describing themselves as "too flashy for the underground, too lyrical for the mainstream", Gotham Heights has been building a steady buzz beneath the surface for the last 3 years.

The group made their official first offering with 2011's mixtape Bruce Wayne Gwap Gang, the group did not merely spit freestyles over beats….they delivered SONGS that reflected living in the city at light speed. The group followed this up three months later with their seminal debut LP - The Power of 3. Featuring live show staples such as "Jupiter" & "Clockwork", & sampling from anime soundtracks to The Alan Parsons project, it is the best introduction to the group by far.

Group member Ed Ward released his solo debut mixture Funeral Tags in February 2012; he is currently working on his solo debut LP The Trap Door. All three members of Gotham Heights were also heavily featured on the label's breakthrough compilation, Space Camp, and the posse song "Think Twice (Smutella)" whose popular music video was released last November.

The Power of 3: Part II will be released this summer on SpaceLAB Recordings.

Gotham Heights politely asks that you "Go Gotham, or go home."

The track boasts humongous bass presence and a hip harmonic structure that sounds to be a welcome addition to a science fiction RPG like Mass Effect. The track enjoys the act of colliding brave, harsher sounds with a more bloated and lush vibe, the former represented by a disciplined set of ancient Detroit techno drums, the latter by vibrant stringed harmonic elements. The rapping sits in a skillfully researched position amidst a steady amount of fat sounds, and the overall experience gives the impression of a solid mid-field delivery. I expect to see this song around the middle grounds of the upcoming LP, and it remains to be seen if I am right about this or not. In the meantime though -

Check out the single > - here - <.

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