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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

an Idrise listening session

Year : 2012
Genre : Pop with a Club Lounge and Soft Techno affection
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Washington DC based Idrise is a young man armed with a voice timber reminiscent  to that which you have heard in melodic boy groups reigning prominent at the end of the past century, yet a style, once established, tends to stick around and Idrise is doing a devoted and sterile sounding  job amidst the boundaries he feels comfortable to deliver between. Beside the noted narrative similarities with all the renowned boy groups of the post modern r&b era, the most eminent attribute of the music that sets it apart from the peers is a more hefty and dynamic demeanor that finds quick and trusty pleasure in a submissive tendency expressed towards the timeless charms of 4/4 pummel, now cultivated on a tamer quasi-lounge register. Do you remember the band Snap? Believe it or not, they had other songs than "I've Got the Power", - though I'm not sure - and Idrise's music manages to summon the same authenticity, albeit the reliance on pitch correction is a tad more than one would keenly tolerate without bitchwhining a line about it. Read on to know more about this Idrise listening session.

Despite his young age, Idrise is surprisingly adept at summoning ultra-orthodox soft techno traditions that manage to smuggle the sonic spices of contemporary music without you noticing it - unless you are perverted enough to be on the direct lookout for those. The occasional monster size sub bass woofer presence is a treat Idrise is skillfull at surprising you with, and discreet dubstep nods are not hard to come by on the freshest deliveries either - and one has a hunch that an even more pronounced reliance on those well researched sonic entities would elevate fun levels even further.

The decently shaped synthpop builds contain flamboyant ornamentics while keeping the central gravitational pull intact, the latter being revealed via Idrise's emotional vocal delivery, that which parks in a mid-range register, and the artist seems and sounds content with offering eloquent melodic statements from the established comfort zone they feel safe at. Luckily, the relentless urge to shape the melodic arcs according the whimsical tendencies of r&b phraseologies is both present-, even rampant on occasion, which warrants a listening time that keeps the ears invented throughout each track, despite not having to conceal your theoretical openness for something more extreme. Feel free to voice it in the club - with rampant sub woofer rumbling, no one will hear you scream, and THAT is acceptable.

A definite recommendation for fans of free spirited soft techno that seeks to explore the romantic side of the reality fabric. The future endeavors and related musical relevance of Idrise might be dependent upon his willingness to explore his mid voice register, as it sounds to contain promises that not yet have been traded in for the pleasure of the music lover public. There is a whole new dimension to explore, and Idrise is knocking on its doors.

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