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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jason Daryush - Three Cities review

Year : 2013
Genre : Alternative Rock, Radio Rock with a Post Grunge tint
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Jason Daryush sounds to be a quite competent representative both of massively guitar centered quasi-morose highway rock and of exquisite bonfire-elegia with a post grunge overtone to it, and THIS highway does not even lead to Hell, nor encourages one to hit up the offices to obtain a pair of tickets for the permanent vacation. (One for you, one for your insecurities.)

Technically speaking, the Three Cities audio package comes to you as a declaration satisfying all the prime format criteria of a solid extended play, yet, since there is no official indication on the site that the album is of such targeted stature, the review concentrates on the audio content, as opposed of its structural attributes. Read on to know more about this.

Heft-galore opening track "Aurora" is a beefy, muscular roadroller-song with a tasteful blues rock overtone, which reminds one of Chris Rea's "Road to Hell", only, expressed from the opposite emotional field, and there is no loss of will present in the delivery, which is even more beneficial. The track starts out with monumental acoustic guitars splatting impertinent dominant seventh chords into the face of silence - the dominant seventh chords are the ones that make you feel like you are BOSS - ring-galore acoustic madness coming to you as if there were no other instruments on the face of the reality fabric that could possibly have to say something beyond what these stringed vigilantes seek to convey in rampant fashion. The timeless and powerful arrogance of the mean, fat acoustic guitar is revealed with top notch-, pretty much perfect shotgun accuracy. The track is quickly complimented with a relentless, pulsating bass and drum presence, supporting the claims of the guitars with raw muscle power, and, by the moment Jason Daryush starts to sing, I'm totally convinced. I think that this is the epitome of the perfect roadroller-highway track, and you are thinking that, too. Check it out! Please also pay close attention to the nice little vocal ornamentics Jason utilizes both at the climax and at the culmination of the track - renders the best ZZ Top traditions in a fragment of a second. A very well made track, and I'm adding it to my GTA 4 custom radio station like right now. (For those interested, my custom GTA 4 playlist currently contains Nina Hagen all and Meshuggah all.)

Second piece, "The Fountain, the Well" is a laid back bonfire miniepic with a finely researched/executed central hook occupying its relative center, while still featuring all acoustic guitars obtainable in a space-mile vicinity. The emotional disposition of the song offers tame recognitions towards early Pearl Jam - if you imagine this track being sung by Eddie Vedder, then the effect is very convincing. Mr. Vedder would gladly perform this, in my opinion. The bloated bass presence and the acoustic guitar turmoil which lurks amidst each and every ounce of the build both give tremendous dignity to the fabric, something you can say about the entirety of the album.

"Bridges and Freeways" finds great comfort in exploring vibrant melodic arches along with the collision points the sung sequences flatter with the harmonic environment. The chorus offers a nod towards Aerosmithian glam metal ballads, even Bon Jovi comes to mind. Then he vanishes from it, thank God & Co. Nothing against the Jovi, I just have my spandex and my blotchy bandana parked in another room. (Better than to park those on another gimp.) The track reveals a thorough understanding of how to consort musical dignity with radio-friendlyness, and serves as a solid statement to wrap up the delivery with, and this particular momentary ending hopefully signifies but the very starting point of something to be elaborated in the near future. After listening to these three solid tracks, it is evident that Jason Daryush has a full length inside of him, and it needs to come out. Not as soon as possible, but as soon as it is done.

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