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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jeff "J. J. Star" Duran - Cursed Since Birth Deluxe Edition review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop, Dance, Rockabilly, Country, Surf Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

There is little if any doubt that with the Cursed Since Birth Deluxe Edition mixtape, disc jockey and micwiz' Jeff "J. J. Star" Duran assembled the perfect compilation with hyper-optimized capacity to make family leaders hide their loved ones in the closet out of the sight of this  flamboyant, explicit/hilarious sonic content. The one thing that will strike you first about this installment is the mere length of the contribution. With 22 tracks spread throughout a time period clocking in well above the 60 minute mark, the mixtape will bend you to its deliberately and intriguingly twisted will, giving you no other chance than to let go of all expectations and submit to all of its curious tints and the galore of skillfully placed oddities which serve as the premier appeals of the flow. Read on to know more about this monster-lenght mix tape.

The disc comprises of multiple prolonged sections, and many musical styles are revealed within the boundaries of those. A common element that interconnects the audiohubs, are comedic intermissions that I suspect Jeff Duran created with his friends and associates, and these narrative-, fake-but-quite-often-hilarious radio shows give an extra flavor and stylistic value to the proceedings all over the place, and, although they seemingly have a tendency to interrupt the musical flow from time to time, the experience in fact is similar to a Grand Theft Auto gaming session, when a tune is encompassed by surreal radio interviews within the context of a fictional - even fictious - show. The lyrics and thematics of these comedic elements are extreme, sick, hilarious, and intentionally retarded at the same time, so they deserve your attention and can stand up even against vitriolic or serious criticism when witnessed as written material.

Another specialty worth mentioning is the frequent guest starring of the radio show hosts themselves, as they oftentimes emerge to declare in ruthless fashion on top of any backdrop of any style that is unfortunate enough to satisfy their current interest. The lyrical length of the hip hop rants are especially long and eloquent both in though content AND in the necessary rabidity factor, while, needless to say, a healthy amount of the main motivational dynamics behind the lyrics revolve around big tits, and the consumer ethos being pushed to its limit. Spray radical celebrity criticism on top of all this, and you have an idea of what to expect from this mixtape. Courtesy of its unusual diversity, the disc is recommended both for the limousine party environment. Chicks not included.

Check out Jeff " J.J.Star" Duran's Cursed Since Birth Deluxe Edition mixtape here.

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