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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cheech - The Monday Tuesday LP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States in way of Mexico
Official site : > - here - <

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Cheech is a San Diego based hip hop artist spilling and busting the rhymes with an original Mexican heritage, and still you would be wrong to think that he delivers the content through a not-so-headless messenger attached on a turtle, Breaking Bad style. The hip hop of Cheech reminds me of the extremely demanding and entertaining style of Bone Thugz 'N Harmony, as your current rap host is equally fond of utilizing smooth, calmer musical backdrops, - think along an easy listening register highly compatible with green tints if you catch my drift - WHILE the lyrics on top are relentless both in their flow and in their thought.

The Monday Tuesday LP is almost uncharacteristically massive for a hip hop declaration, which never is a problem, once the content is exigent throughout. The disc, first and foremost applies a sober overall strategy of cutting up this truly robust hip hop statement into tracks weighing in around the 3 and a half minute mark, and you get none less than 17 of these larger than life pieces for your relentless ear-soaking pleasure. In other words, we are talking about an unusually massive work of eloquently shaped rapping right now, and it seems to be evident to me that the LP encompasses and reflects multiple stages of the artist's career. This easily is double CD material. If I'm not mistaken, based on his Soundcloud nick, Cheech is 22 now, which is an ultra-young age for a rapper capable to produce relentless flow of spoken text for minutes after minutes and minutes while keeping elegant thought and emotion intact. Read on to know more.

I already have expressed my sentiment that the album, in character, reminds me of the music of Bone Thugz 'N Harmony, and I claim legitimacy to this statement by drawing the reader's attention to the fact that the "now" is the very first occasion I reference the Cleveland natives in the context of an upcoming hip hop prospect. Cheech has the fortunate awareness to know that it is beneficiary to collaborate with his peers, and these featurettes not only deliver formidable performances, but, as result of their vastly different styles than that of the protagonist, the vocal diversity of the package is well beyond common orthodoxies and tendencies.

The lyrical content richness of recent upcoming hip hop artists seem to increase as we - sic! - speak. A beneficiary development, one which is flattered on high octane by this particular talented young man and his associates. One of the things I dig about the disc the most is its peaceful demeanor, not ONE line is included to inform you of the creative deaths you might find yourself being subjected to if and when you fail to comply with the given ruleset as propagated by the dominant hierarchy in 'dahood, instead, the lyrical thought field is heavily and elegantly fixated on existentialist considerations that are openly out to inspect the helplessness inherent to good ol' existence, or, the disc emerges to declare a verdict on the recent "trends" of hip hop. Once you can talk about "trends" in hip hop, you know something is fucked up, and the conclusion of the particular song observing this issue, seems to reflect this notion with rigor and fluent elegance.

I can't stress enough my happiness regarding the musical backdrops, for I just got another one I love. The variation is exceptional, and now is the time on which I inform you of the different tempos and free style-ish flow Cheesh likes to utilize and command throughout his rapping. By free style, I personally mean a "more free" form of rapping, as well. Not just improvising. He is not necessarily constrained to the pulse of the rhythm, he takes and exhibits the cunning liberty to mock the rhythm from time to time, and draws vocal/rhythmic images of considerable complexity around it, while still courting the relentless and unforgiving core of the 4/4 pummel with non-compromised respect. The experience is similar to George Watsky's work, only, the tempo is more forgiving than that of Watsky's deliberately superhumanic cartoon wordflow.

Cheech is a hip hop artist you want to keep an eye on - just make sure you give him something to wipe the slime of that eye off later on - as he is one of those relatively rare kind of exceptionally talented rhyme-wielders who are not afraid to forge patterns of entertainment out of uncensored human emotions and thought, and dares to reject the doubtless timeless charisma of the double barreled shotgun and Mr. Molotov.

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