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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Australasia - Sin4tr4 review

Year : 2012
Genre : Instrumental Progressive Metal with a Black Metal flavor
Label : Golden Morning Sounds
Origin : Italy
Official Site : > - here - <

Italy's Australasia has cultivated a music format which is ripe enough to base a full length debut on without having to reinvent its premiere components. The reoccurring central agenda is to summon music from a tame direction at the start, THEN the more intense side of metal is revealed, almost always through two variations : mit-tempo, and finally, with considerable speed that  finds pleasure winking at stone-traditional thrash metal rhythm patterns - a positive, not a negative. By the time a certain song has showcased all the aforementioned structural elements of different modal tints that are calling the song into life - it already has a healthy amount of content to offer intriguing variation without you even noticing it. It is pretty safe to say that the disc has no weak moments, and this is the result of how the album realizes its own current capacities, and decides to wrap things up before they would start to recycle their previous statements. Read on to know more.

As hinted, the institute of the gentle start is as persistent of a key actor on this instrumental effort as the more relentless midsections and the subsequent catharsises are. The themes themselves are harmonic passages primarily, orchestrated to guitars that remain free of excessive levels of effect wizardry and instead direct focus into complimenting the given harmonic domain with clever arpeggios OR motives composed of arpeggios, though through the LP this particular method can be accused of showing way too much of her charms. Luckily, the domain of the mid-sec is more heavily characterized by deliberately robust - nevertheless smartly contained - guitar work, oftentimes spiced up by classic black metal tremolo picking, while during the peak moments, the musical backdrop usually maintains the primordial mood of the mid-sec, only, a more relentless rhythm emerges to stress the given sonic declaration with extreme efficiency.

Got to admire the realistic production work. The disc sports a sober demeanor regarding mere sonic volumetrics, and courtesy of the smartly limited timbers on display, the disc manages to convey an intimate listening experience that never quite loses its touch with a tint of - hold on to your horses - black metal ambient. The desire to administer flamboyant instrumental diversity is notable, yet a female singer joins in the fray in one particular song, but, her role is more of an ornamentic nature, as she sings no words, no intended thoughts, "just" feelings. And this, of course, is sufficient and acceptable. Nevertheless, the timber of her voice is charismatic enough to make you want to hear more out of her, and I for one am waiting impatiently to hear whether or not the band decides to feature lyrical content on their next output. I'd stick with THIS chick. This is a decent instrumental release, and the next evolutionary step, in my opinion, is to spice up this shape of music with lyrics and hooks. But, once again : a ripe instrumental contribution as it is, with a keen affection for various trademark moods of progressive and the tamer tint of black metal.

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