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Friday, October 5, 2012

Kiss - Monster review

Year : 2012
Genre : Glam Rock
Label : Universal Music Group
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.0 / 10

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Experience knows no age. You can think about Kiss what you want, - and no one will give a shit - but the one thing you won't ever be able to take away from this band is that they are the masters of their craft of delivering covert operation family friendly gla... chick metal. PMS metal. The Monster LP is the picture perfect reproduction of the old school BUT exigent registers of late '80s early '90s glam metal. The package - hihi. - really has no shortcomings - ihihi, and hihihi. - to it and renders a rigorously, meticulously and competently constructed glam rock soundscape from beginning to end, top to bottom. You literally have to be a troll-prospect to find a flaw in its fabric, such steep is the level of attention that has been devoted to the creation process of this album. Read on to know more.

And that "more" is really more of the same, this time around. The Monster LP is an almost embarrassingly "characterous" praise of hair rock/"metal", and the connotations you will pick up will scream and shout stone traditional BUT very well constructed glam warfare all over the psyche. Hell, the drums are featuring cowbells, Steven Adler type. Aerosmith, early G'NR are key similarity factorials, and the more intense behavior and pastime of the LP has a skillful tendency to find fun balance points between classic rock and dangerless - pinball machine - heavy metal.

The review will be short, because the disc has no secrets to explore, and it isn't in the need to scatter/implement any of those, either. Kiss, as a PRODUCT, can't just come forth and offer some strange exotic deviation from their original niche, and why would they, really? As noted, experience knows no age, and these dinosaurs STILL have it, have no doubt about that, and I would dare to go as far as to call this release ballsier as an Overkill pinball machine thrash metal album, though, as a snob, I might deny that I listen to these declarations. But, to be honest, the album has a healthy amount of high quality hooks, and it is not impossible to get hooked - TUKK! - on those to make you realize that you basically are a mancunt, because you are rocking out to the new Kiss, and that is a privilege for the 13 years old girl, you mancunt!

The album is cliché but so masterfully and flawlessly constructed at that, and it seeks to be the obedient taste-slave of your expectations with such rabid eagerness and shamelessness that the only thing more embarrassing than listening to it is is to write too much about it. With Monster, Kiss delivers the album you, as a Kiss fan hoped they would, only, they give you more of it than you dared to dream of. You won't be disappointed, because you wont' be given the chance to be disappointed on.

Rating : 9.0 / 10

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