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Saturday, November 5, 2016

REP - Escape Room track review

Year : 2016
Genre : Hip Hop, Christian Hip Hop, Soul
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Where to check the song out: > - here - <

Escape Room is an entry found on the latest longplay delivered by Virginia-based hip hop artist REP. Your host is not at all reluctant to express a clear and unconditional devotion towards Jesus, and Escape Room is one of those songs that emerge successful at painting elegant allegories about the state a soul MIGHT find itself in, if subjected to existence without a palpable pointer to grasp unto. The Escape Room, of course, is your body, in this metaphor. But let's not spoil the challenge and the fun of finding the key to it.

The music is quite interesting, and here is why: the bulk of the piece is an almost fragile-, though well researched sonic environment, composed mainly of bass lines that paint out the harmonic domain with inventive strokes of sounds flirting with the timing, and REP seems and sounds to be almost conscious to refrain from the utilization of such casual super-orhodoxies like a snare drum, hi-hats, or a crash cymbal. The song simply evades these elements, and, hilariously, you spend the whole time listening if they will ever show up - and there is no void to be felt upon realizing that they were NOT invited this time.

The song manages to capture a floaty feeling, and finds efficient methods at maximizing its potential with a strictly limited set of instruments and sounds utilized. The piece is a collab, by the way, and the talented singer Mikaela Juday brings you clear, soulful lead singing that is precise and brisk: there is zero trace of autotune.The chorus is awesome in character, and Mikaela knows this, too - but the music fails to realize in the background that SOME elements are yet to be brought to the table to court the lead singer as she declares the main gravitational pull of the entry. Mikaela bursts into full bloom mode in the chorus, but the music fails to recognize it. A pity.

Luckily, REP steps in to deliver a decent block of well-tempoed rapping without offending anyone. A talented artist with true musical vision, and a particularly strong sense of how to validate limitation in the context of diversity of sound. Sometimes less is more. And sometimes it is not.

Check out the song here:
REP - Escape Room

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