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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cranky George - Misery Road track review

Year : 2016
Genre : Soft Folk Rock, Country
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Where to check the song out: > - here - <

Misery Road is an entry from the upcoming longplay of LA based folk rock/country ensemble, Cranky George. This page has a lot of good info on the history of the group, while this review will concentrate on the single, as an indicator of what possibly you could expect from the foreseeable future, "debuting" on the 18th of November - simultaneously with the new Metallica double release. This spirit at dormant competition is something one must reckon with an intact poker face. Let's dive into the song!

Misery Road eloquently and inventively worships oldschool songcraft traditions with top tier production values, these latter meticulously balanced/arranged in at attempt to court said traditions with maximum-, though well orchestrated efficiency.

The self-reflective, ironically introverted, placid initial pacing conveys the classic country setting of parking at a fireplace in the company of a bourbon, a dead relative and a banjo - banjo not included, do you happen to have a lighter? -, yet, this trusty pulsation (pun intended) is armed with the intention to dress into moods and colors of hefty, brisk intensity.

At a given dramatic point in the song, by which you falsely think that everything has happened already, and grandpa is no risk to the society OR to your psyche as the top dog of this music-universe, the band commands the intensity up against the roof, as to let the soul reach beyond the skies, nevertheless remaining faithful to the bulk of the exhibited musical character. Clean, competent, all-voice-out lead singing is supported by a country ethos that reveals grace and elegance with sufficient power to display the heart of country classicism.

The result is an ironic, hilarious display of deliberately larger-than-life comic book country done in a truly badass, ballsy fashion. This feat could not have been pulled off without a decent frontman-, nor without sophisticated taste and competence on/at how exactly command the sounds to make them more intense, but keeping them from messing with the structure. The track is a truly pleasant experience to listen to, as it does not satisfy with merely existing, instead, it IS a successful musical metaphor FOR the flow of existence itself. An immediate recommendation for all music lovers, and don't forget, it is only a week's time until the LP debuts.

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