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Sunday, November 6, 2016

REP - Street Walkers track review

Year : 2016
Genre : Hip Hop, Christian Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Where to chech the song out: > -  here - <

REP is back not with a vengeance, but, with a fresh review request concentrating on another track of the Co-Laborations LP.

Street Walkers is an attentively sculpted, massively mid-tempo hip hop track, pinpointing lurking danger and ambiguous remnants of hopes at every corner. The central musical attraction of the song is a nice pairment of a highly retroid slot-machine riff, - the melody itself has a luciferian Last Ninja vibe - and this motive is quick to demand for itself gargantuan support by a duo of mobsters in the form of a powerful, sneaky bass, and a clever drum passage that admires the musculature of said bass, inventively pinpointing the key points in its relentless anatomy.

The rapping is good, too, as REP knows that it is best if he is "just" a REPorter, staying away from the framing of brisk morality. Instead, he is revealing percepts and reocurring thoughts/tendencies that are amidst the pertinent components of the observed daily life of a prostitute, as you do not have to be one to know one - the lyrics reflect the position of a man who feels empathy for the prostitute, yet is in the process of seeking to decide whether the woman would prefer to be "saved" from this lifestyle at all.

What I like about this track, is how the mood of the music reflects this timeless concealed dilemma, conveying the percept that everything you think about the situation, might be utterly wrong - nevertheless both the music and the prostitute invites you to come and find out.

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