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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Phantom Pop - BETA review

Year : 2016
Genre : Massively Instrumental Jazz/Funk Fusion
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

The music contained on the latest-to-date Phantom Pop full length does not bow down to the curteous routine of assuaging your everyday/average funk/jazz craving along tropes you are embarrassed to pretend you know nothing about - instead, the release delivers the funk/jazz fusion goods with such an undeniably intoxicating command of the notoriously whimsical genre, that you won't likely be given any room to be cynical in towards the stimuli upon a submissive listen, nor when you execute max-level inspection paua' towards this supersexy, all-muscle effort.

The album is massive both in its scope and in its hyper-optimized ambition - the latter being an inescapable result - almost a happy accident - of the unconditional love towards the genre which is simultaneously worshipped and insatiably exploited by the ensemble throughout this exquisite audio adventure. Read on to know more, because the cat knows where you live.

BETA is a super-sized sonic declaration of foxy moods, chased along cunning melodic arcs by a combined skillset of top tier songcraft and creative grace, always keeping the fields of operation within the given framework of jazz/funk fusion. Needless to say, the disc necessarily conveys a manically deep understanding of the most intimate bowels of the genre, an insight revealed through super-intriguing chordal passages that usually seek to merely provoke the ear with unfulfilled-, but OH!, so intricate promises, as opposed of merely saying something concrete to an awareness with blunt-force boring face value.

The ever-intriguing basis-feeling is such as if you were floating in outer space on experimental mood hacks, yet the album smartly says a gentle-, nevertheless firm "NO!" to Allan Holdsworth-esque hyperabstraction, and wisely maintains constant contact with harmonic/rhythmic structures and warm, tactile pulsations that always keep your awareness on the grid. The disc consciously defends you from feeling like a space-pinball subjected to the proximity of plush-cushion-asteroids that are craving your vicinity like there is no tomorrow.

Although a massively-, and primarily instrumental disc, the spin features a track that is spiced even further up by a hilarious rap segment, while the haunting, beautiful female vocals (they are modal, and not worded) will always keep a superhumanistic touch around, soaked deep into the soul, just for good measure. These female mood-vocals never seek to frighten you, nor they seek to get you off of life. They are going for the deepest emotions possible, and have excellent ideas at their disposal to showcase how to find those. They seem to convey the timeless covert dilemma and relative discontent with the perception of how a human does not seem to be nor Bacteria, nor God ENOUGH.

As mentioned, the album is immense in its scope in the sense that it clocks in above the one hour mark, yet the pacing of the music warrants these epic space-fusion proportions along highly acceptable appendix-arguments. Reasoning: these meticulously crafted tracks have multiple layers of interpretability. The complexity of the animated sounds is such indeed that a super-focused listen will find a whole lot of content to sink its capacities and fervent teeth into, being free to doing so practically without end - but the jaws will tire out, and the music knows this very well. The visceral feel-, the meaning and the intent of the music always invites you to just STOP processing it, just RELEASE everything, and CHILL the hell out with it. "Chill the -f- OUT, you must." - as Yoda would suggest.

The spin openly seeks to intoxicate you right from its beginning, and I guarantee you that the moment will come when you realize that it already succeeded at doing so. So, what's not to like? The - in my opinion - fact, that the album works stupendously well along both listening strategies, is one of the key reasons that Phantom Pop's latest delivery BETA is an irrefutable invitation for all music maniacs, and reigns as one of the most relevant surprises of 2016.

You want this.

Phantom Pop is an instrumental band from Brooklyn, NY. The group combines elements of funk, soul, and R&B with the improvisation of jazz to create their own sound.

Originally formed by Dave Lowenthal simply to create an album, Phantom Pop has gone on to tour the east coast, southern, and Midwest U.S. The first self-titled album was selected by WNCW Radio as one of the Top 100 Releases of 2015.

Members: Dave Lowenthal - Bass; Josh Schusterman - Drums; Noah MacNeil - Keyboards; Atsushi Ouchi - Saxophone; Matt Giella - Trumpet; Songyi Jeon - Voice; Theo Moore - Percussion; JSWISS - MC

Phantom Pop extended family includes:  Haruka Yabuno - Keyboards; Eitan Akman - Guitar;  Owen Broder - Saxophone; Michael Sarian - Trumpet

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