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Friday, October 7, 2016

AL-X - Fearless track review

Year : 2016
Genre : Dance Pop
Origin : United States
Official site: > here <

LA based AL-X is an upcoming dance composer/producer with a keen interest in delivering massively melodic dance music along exigent pop sensibilities, purposefully revealing the most flirtatious traditions of the style.

With rhetorics clearly rooted in the school of thought that regards easily approachable, elegantly simplistic progressions much more paramount than experimentive tendencies, the single "Fearless" could be a picture perfect statement of top-form Madonna, as the somber, contemplative moods inherent to said artist, are displayed abundantly in this 3 minute affair.

Never risking maximum efficiency with taking detours that are simply not worth winking towards in this genre, the track knows what it wants to do, and pulls it off eloquently. The melodic arch in the verse is sufficiently indicative that you are about to witness a woman's soul burts into a sonic declaration of - well - b(l)oom (and definitely not doom) - soon, while the chorus backs these promises up with a skillfully researched route taken along the full surface of the suggested structure, now revealed with optimum power.

Doubtless a well sculpted melodic dance track, with a rather abrupt, but logical end to it - so it is not hard to find the will to revisit the piece: a safe recommendation for any and all fans of the style.

Buy link: https://itun.es/us/fQvZeb


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