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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Red is the New Black track review

Year : 2016
Genre : Psychedelic Rock with a Doom tint
Origin : United States

"Red is the New Black" is a particularly strong, invasive psychedelic track with a definitive doom tint to it. A somber, massive declaration that has come to me through a review order placed with no additional information attached. "Red is the New Black", and that is that, no band name, no nothing, review it please.

The music itself is situated at the middle of an optimum intersection where the timeless rules - hah - of psychedelia and current production standards meet. The hefty, supra-old school intro guitar jumps you from the speakers like Magilla Gorilla on an otherwisely desolated island, and the ensuing sonic anatomy quickly reveals a type of devotion rendered directly unto the monolithic altars of ironically sly and sinister moods and sentiments, revolving primarily around money. Oh well, money does not make you happy, but it won't make you unhappy, either.

The track bravely explores brisk avenues along bluesy building blocks, while its constant focus/intention remains to ritually kamikaze into the bowels of good old fashioned blight, a dark, dangerous and deliberately heartless territory, which is revealed with picture perfect accuracy through exquisite chord choices and tempo alterations. During these segments, the incomprehensibly uplifting-, nihillistic indifference of Dark Souls - yes, the video game - emerges, symbolic of the somber-, yet imperturbably unfuckwithable attitude that lurks beneath the music as a fueling force.

One can tell that a whole lot of love has been given during the making of this track, as the whole structure is an excellently varied expression of a well-placed curiosity cultivated towards the most delicious components of its very own anatomy. The song eloquently showcases the timeless nature of doom-tinted psychedelia, and you want it.

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