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Thursday, March 13, 2014

True Nature - You Shouldn't Have To Shout So Loud EP review

Year : 2009
Genre : Post Grunge with a fine tint of Stoner Rock and Dramatic Gloom
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

True Nature is a Brooklyn based multi-rock ensemble with a keen and admitted fascination showcased towards both the grunge ethos of the early '90s and towards black belt level bubble gum rock practitioners like present day Foo Fighters. But all this is on paper - in reality, True Nature has more stoner gloom into it then Foo Fighter ever wanted - because Foo Fighteres never wanted it anyway. The True Nature members definitely pack a six pack of stoner rock, which reigns as one of the most significant hallmarks that valiantly and efficiently distinguishes this band from the 23423432423423432 other groups that to this day harvest their covert excitement from the constant vicinity of unaltered moss-grunge.

What I hear on the disc, is a pleasantly and competently layered experience. On the surface, I find polite, safe, riskless melodic silence molestation along the exact registers I'd expect to be courted when checking out a band with a skillfully telegraphed set of classic era inspirators. The good thing about throwing out a term like "classic era" is, that everyone can feel good about their pathetic tastes. All this though does not mean that the radio friendly songs would lack dignity and heft.

Yet, at the second layer of the complexly presented narrative behaviors contained on this EP, the developments are even more inviting, and not only for your mom and her favorite sex dwarf, but for the enthusiastic snob and for the miserable music critic. Take heed and bear witness to this much more dark and so elegantly menacing layer that also is observable beside the everyday average radio rock fuckaroundery!

With concluding track, "Father", the band ventures to the direct verges of soul crushing saloon sludge metal, - yeah, I think they have just invited a genre, and I'm crediting it for them [or them for it, you feel me]- only to take the promise of imminent void-extermination into Aerosmithesque bonfire-glam, and they manage to assuage the heated iron without you feeling yourself cheated in the process. The reason for this is the following: the chorus is not exactly the outright drunk-lovemaking glam-nonsense you had your 234234th nervous breakdown on MTV to, it has a superb Stone Sour tint to it. He has high talent levels for both. Read on to know more about "teh" disc.

As suggested, the band oftentimes manages to pull of quite elegant tricks by first putting you on sedation, THEN courting your receptors with rather eloquent harmonic surprises that are taking place between haunting passages and clever melodic collisions. With 6 tracks spawning through 20 minutes, the group demonstrates a soulful and ultra-competent understanding of doom/gloom-tinted radio rock, and their songcraft proves to be able to question/to spice up/to impertinently entertain the boundaries and the premiere pastimes of almost all sub-genres of modern rock you ever gave a dime with two lost holes in it for.

At its most mature moments, the band not only manages to tap in into the Pearl Jam school of thought to summon the Eddie Vedder in checkered shirt - even the trademark vocal mannerisms of Eddie Vedder are mimicked from time to time, in a way that remains tolerable without the constant vicinity of military grade psychotropic consciousness modifiers, mind us [excluding one instant, you'll recognize it when you lose conscious... oh wait.....] - but proves to be quite adept and skilled in methodologies that create organic connections between Pearl Jam-grunge and Stone Sour stoner-rock. The most dreaded moment for me is track 3, "One Soul", - way too much Eddie Vedder mimicry for a mancunt like me - and the most promiment highlight for me - beside the badass opening track and the "Father" track - is track 5, with its legitimate, powerful singing, and the zero Eddie Vedder mimicry that - paradoxically - is going on in it. Open up some ears and witness the healthy tint of the aforementioned prime Stone Sour form, as it shines through the harmonic/melodic structure in evil splendor, haunted though by a rather desperate radio rock chorus. But who gives a damn by then, it is very forgivable.

All in all, the band demands serious attention as their mature and competent understanding of the main sub-genres of rock is unquestionable, while their creations at these expression-narratives are worthy of the focus and awareness of any rock aficionado that appreciates pattern legitimacy. At the end of the day, it is all about the pattern. If you have it, superb! Share the invention, because, as Edison put it, if someone lights a candle from HIS candle, then no one has to stay in the dark. If you lack the pattern, and you attempt to conceal this deficit, then everyone will know in their heart that you have lied, and you'll be renowned for your deficits. Cool design. As is this! This one is a pleasant surprise, and you want it.

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