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Friday, March 14, 2014

Adam Gilbert - A Generation of Forgotten Kings review

Year : 2014
Genre : Glam Rock
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

With his latest to date LP "A Generation of Forgotten Kings", Adam Gilbert has constructed and soulfully realized a larger than life glam rock effort that remains faithful to the consensus meta-image of the genre as it was/is/will be portrayed by such pivotal notabilities of the style as prime Elton John, or prime Meat Loaf. The position of the music critic is equally pleasant and relatively uncomfortable in the present context, as this here immense bulk - 58 minutes - of exigent glam stimuli is doing everything in a manner as to politely and skillfully court the ethos of traditional glam narratives, - be prepared to be moved tremendously OR not at all - and the spin surely utilizes an ambitious and rich sound selection to pull this feat out with. The flow is relentless and more serious than death. Which is the proper way to play glam, and that is the frightening/laughable part. If you are into glam rock, then this exactly is what you want to hear, so the disc is a stable and solid effort. Read on to know more about it.

On the LP, Adam Gilbert showcases a diverse set of mature, skillful compositional tactics while remaining rigorously and intentionally confined to the space and volumetrics of the selected and loved genre, and this mere commitment equates with one of the most significant values of the whole experience - this definitely is something one should immediately be free to admit even if not being particularly interested in the style. Adam Gilbert's work, I feel, is a competent and soulful testament on how to enrich an ancient genre with additional patterns of relevance in a way as to remain both integral AND glam-safe-, from an artistic point of view. But wait - can art truly be honest if it is safe? Well, to this, I can only quote you Yello's Dieter Meier:

"Of COURSE I'm lying!"
                 - Dieter Meier

Glam rock always was the music of merciful strawberry lies and relentless bourbon-dramaqueen narratives - you either lie to yourself or to someone who is still invested to hear your lies, so she/he finally can share hers/his - and this is the very reason that these rhetorics are still vigilant to this very day. If you play glam rock from the heart, you are doing it wrong. Even better, and this is the most honest and most biggestest compliment I can give to this disc: Adam Gilbert already has forgotten more about glam rock than you'll ever know about it, and this should be more than enough to regard this artist as one of your premiere contemporary glam rock compasses.

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