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Monday, March 24, 2014

Carry Illinois - Self-Titled EP review

Year : 2014
Genre : Southern Rock with a Doom Drone/Shoegaze fascination
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Though Texas-based Carry Illinois doubtless is Southern to the core, the ensemble is capable to instill more varied and intriguing colors into their compositions as "mere" southern rock conventions would require. The EP has an almost Funeral Doom - as in the extreme genre - feel to it, courtesy of the relentless and clever utilization of well handled analog instruments like tormented violin-sections and benjos. The Woods of Ypres meter demands at least a showoff! The singer almost always sings through a distortion device that conveys the effect as if he'd already been trapped in the static beyond the picture tube, - as Philip Anselmo would call it - and there is no chance to reconnect. There is no chance to connect to anything, because you are trapped in open space(s), and the only way out is through, so you might as well just pop this release in and submit to the outer space, and in it, into your so miserably lonely and - consequently - ego-driven inner space, indeed. Careful, this is just a game! Don't be SO serious, you might hurt yourself! Read on to know more about the disc.

The album is highly original and enjoys my immediate seal of approval, as result of its unmistakable faithfulness to its own gritty and doomy identity. As silhouetted, the EP is thoroughly depressive and faithful to its commitment to know everything that is worth knowing about its soul-infected condition, and even in the more forgiving songs - like track 3, "Jackson Square" - the right to kick your ass to hell and back, always is maintained and visibly marketed in the direct vicinity. The most adorable aspect of this record is the fact that it manages to crush the soul without any aggression whatsoever. It rips the heart out then claims the empty space it occupied. Check out track 4, "Nothing To Despise" - "And if I die, and when I die, take me to the place when there's nothing to despise." Quite heartwrenching lines originating from people who live in a place that has seen the A to Z history of racism - and these dudes have the balls to reflect on it. IF this was the agenda at all. I don't know. But when I hear this song, to me, it IS the agenda. Even though I've never been to Texas, nor to the USA.

Southern rock is morose at heart, yet this group parks its morosity only as a loved pet, and, while they lost the will to be angry at the world, they still desire to express what's left of the will under the Texan sun and moon in 2014, and the results are thoroughly observable in their legitimacy. Here is a tip for these guys. Pantera/Down fronter, casual Metal God Philip Anselmo - check out the speaking voice of this man, oh my fucking gawd!! - would be interested in this band, I think. Anselmo has his own record label called "Housecore Records", and, if any or all of the Carry Illinois members are reading this review, then guys, you want to send this EP for "teh" Philip Anselmo! Usually I would not whine about technical stuff, but I think the album would sound even more had its extreme volume levels be a tad more tame and less monumental. And a tip for game designers, I'm looking at you, Electronic Arts and "we have our second voice actor!!", Bethesda!! : HIRE Philip Anselmo as a voice actor, duhh!! The fucking guy's speaking voice is golden.

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