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Thursday, April 3, 2014

USRE - This Is Texas EDM review

Year : 2014
Genre : Progressive House
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

This review starts out with a verbatim quotation chunk taken from a related promotional snippet.

USRE has set out to change the face of EDM with a Texas flair, celebrating his roots in the UNT Jazz Program. His big house melodic style embraces popular and hip hop music of the last decade, with a nod to the forerunners of the genre: Afrojack, Hardwell, Dyro, and Zedd. Bearing the famed Fort Worth "Molly" Longhorn resemblance in his logo, USRE has already found national and international air play with a few of his themed mixes for the summer, including "Special Reserve," "100% Agave," "Dark Horse," "Churchtastic," and "Smashed Summer."

Read on to know more about the music.

On USRE's official soundcloud, you'll gain access to a healthy amount of content from the artist, and the majority of these entries are full set lists, spawning well above the 1 hour magic mark. USRE's sound is a relentless, melodically driven praise for retroid charm and viscera, as he finds countless methods to command those classy polyphonic synths into both traditional and experimentive harmonic collisions, maintaining, OR playfully violating the pulsation of the 4/4 flow. Hip hop breaks for "teh" win, especially when offered amidst interesting and well sculpted dubstep fascinations. USRE might very well be the first house zuppa guru who realized that the now-classic dubstep-wobble base works with mid-frequency and high frequency synths, as well. For THIS, you should be grateful for him!

As hinted, one trademark methodology I've noticed in the workings of the setlist, is USRE's valiance to throw multiple synths out there, while his unorthodox placements of chills, buildups and peaks similarly are ear-and dancefloor treats you want to consort a fervent awareness to. (Otherwise both entities miss out on the other, not to mention music can't exist without an awareness to pick up on it.) The Texas EDM setlist - as it is featured on the soundcloud site - is a skillfully assembled, elegantly streamlined prog house zanza/extravaganza that gives you a picture perfect vision of the inner image of house music USRE is cultivating in the summer of 2014. Practice your chops and demonstrate them to a lady to see if either of you suffer mors subita. 

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