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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Steermen - High Tech Low Lifes review

Year : 2014
Genre : Soft Rock, Shoegaze
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : - > here - <

Chicago's Steermen bring you the ever-so-pertinent timelessness of a - logically - urbanistic sunset gloom, witnessed and addressed through inventively/creatively tormented sounds that are apt at revealing the almost obligatorily relentless morosity felt by a sentience who would desire true and relevant intimacy, but a city gets in a way, concealing the very next sentience feeling the same way, maybe, from 3 meters away from you - the presence is unbeknownst to your physical body, yet paradoxically you feel it 24/7, as you too, are it. Such is the design AND the ethos of the City and the album, - it does not have to be Chicago, either, though Chicago, I'd imagine, is the picture perfect candidate to crush your soul with a casual sunset in case you are in the receptive enough mood - as the LP reflects the urban isolation that secretly is felt by everyone at some time in their - haha - lifes. Read on to know more about the music.

This full length is ultra-consistent in its agenda to remain faithful to its emotional setting, which pretty much is the covertly-most-popular AND least expressed in a megapolice. The mood is that of a brittle contemplation, of an assuaged and sorrowful awareness that nothing ever will happen that could ease the pain, which, at the very moment, defines you. This is not at all an ego driven stance, mind us. It is the proper and normal way of how-to-feel once you emerge to declare this type of music. I mean, if you have a partner who happens to be alive, then you really have no narrative say to this music - but find yourself longing for competent company in "The City" which you MUST, at some level, perceive as both pathetic and hostile - for the playfulness of it, only - and this type of music is the logical conclusion of things. The fucking city does not have a clue, and I must not have, either, because I AM in the city, and, in a way, I AM it.

The Steermen, I feel, deserve creative recognition for their endeavor of exploring these moods for 38 minutes, which is just the right amount of time of it. As a morose city stroller contribution, the disc is beyond criticism, such good of a command and understanding of the anatomy of the genre it possesses. But don't be surprised if this album mocks your will to live, because this is the only way this genre could work as, so thank the dog/god it does! Take the music very serious and see if it crushes your worst forms, because this is what it aims to be, and it does not flatter around. A fine record for your worst forms.

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