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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Aelo - Blue Music review

Year : 2007
Genre : Ambient Lounge Chillout Club House Synthpop
Label : Independent
Origin : Switzerland
Offiicial site : >-here-<

On occasion, the cover art of a release and the music you hear on the media are correlating to each other with picture perfect accuracy, and Aelo's Blue Music mixtriad is a fluent example on this relatively tame and rare tendency. Aelo, I am almost sure, is a formation that loves the great song "To the Sea" by the fellow Swiss synthpop duo Yello, as pretty much all songs on this modestly and cleverly paced contribution - we are talking about 12 minutes, but 12 eventful minute it is, as I will attempt to make you see and as they will attempt to make you hear - reflect an insatiable urge to convey a transcendental message of the collective Atlantis I personally suspect everyone secretly shares in their soul. You too?? SEE? That's what I'm talking about. That's what THEY make their music about.

Though the opening track is not hesitant nor ashamed to utilize ancient-, yet doubtless timeless drum and bass loops and Flimbo's Quest-grade C64 synths just to make a stand and reveal variations on how to take these brisk and extreme components into the rather literal and cunningly inviting Blue by relying on TRULY top notch melodic hooks, - you know that I'm way too much of a miserable snob to throw around compliments like this easily - the second track is a more mysterious and thrill-filled build with elegant melodic forms and even a piano improvisation session that emerges successful as result of the mere humility it manages to communicate itself with. Richard Clayderman is your Papi and he is playing the piano to make you very very sad. (And he succeeds masterfully.) Read on to know more about this sympathetic EP length contribution.

The concluding installment emerges as the most sonically stacked of the three, and also as the most intense one of the triad. This does not take away anything from the first two deliveries, mind us. The effect is quite the contrary : it is worthy to note that the disk weighs in especially sober and smart in its anatomical structure, as the three tracks condone a symbiotic relationship with each other that you will pick up on right by the second listening session. (And ever after [Logically.].) The way the third track is positioned after the second, in my opinion equates with the mere definition of Optimum Drama, as, by that time, you already are dancing with mermaids, - let's forget about the "how exactly"-s now, OK?? - and you really can not be sure yet if they will make polite conversation with you or eat you after the dance. OR, if the dance will ever end at all. The third track gives you apt opportunity to ponder these possibilities thoroughly while soaking your sight into mermaid eyes by a moment of infinity. It is just hilarious to be massacred while you are dancing, isn't it?

The urge herein, in the third and concluding track, to build an elaborate soundscape exclusively out of liquidated musical elements, is not only notable, it rather is shameless and superbly realized. As noted, the album truly is tailor made to court the regions of the mindscape in which the primordial color is blue and the mermaids are virtually perfect. Although being pretty might be a moral obligation for a mermaid. The EP is definitely worthy of your attention, and a welcome addition to any chillout sessions you may plan to arrange. A pleasant surprise.

Check out Aelo - Blue music >-here-<.

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  1. Thanks for your great review!!

    This is the proper link to my music: https://soundcloud.com/aelo-blue-music

    Thanks and blue xxx
    Lisa Maito aka AELO

    1. Thank you for the correction and for the music, I have updated the links.


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