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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brando Albers - Fading Away review

Year : 2013
Genre : Dark Synthpop with an Electro-Sludge tint
Label : Independent
Origin :Canada
Official site : >-here-<

Brando Albers is a massively synth-centered independent silence disruptor who notably sounds to share a quite similar spiritual disposition to that of the retro era Depeche Mode Collective, yet, the presence of that trademark gritty black leather charisma the Brit trio is notorious of is interchanged with a more restrained and deeply self-reflective demeanor that never assumes that you have some place to hurry to emotionally and/or (non)physically. If you absolutely HAVE to, then you are not really needed there, anyway. The particularly calm, contemplative and spacious spacing (I just lost a level, yes) of the music equates with the premiere strategy Brando Albers makes things easily and fluently decipherable with as far as the orientation process is concerned on his robust, and morose soundscapes. It all is a matter of your very own willingness to surrender to the ubiquitously and relentlessly contemplative musical mood, one which, on occasion, takes sufficient cunning and rampant liberty (naturally.) to reveal the shades of good old fashioned soul-defiler doom metal WITHOUT a single guitar being in the vicinity. Read on to know more about the music of Brando Albers.

As noted, the album is dark and moody in character, and it even refrains from the very best trick of Depeche Mode's superb primal composer Martin Gore, who always succeeds at finding respite in the form of The Woman. And who is a miserable manslut enough to blame him, really, as the female indeed is the most desirable for the male. Brando Albers is coming to you as the Friedrich Nietzsche of dark synth pop, because, he fortunately realizes that seeking OR finding respite in the form of the woman OR in the form of anything else really would hurt the intent of the music. The moods he creates do not exactly seek to crush your will to live, but definitely keep the right to conduct flirt and courting sessions with said potency, but, when you are about to look your favorite pink plastic razor to give in to the NLP command, he throws in an elegant melodic hook that manages to calm the then-rampant morose tendencies without making them end up as parodies of themselves.

The compositional decisions sound to be mature and in sober control of the mere volumetrics this particular niche could look most optimal with, so the tracks reflect a well thought-out framework per installment, and the fascination in colliding a certain pattern with two harmonic extremes is noteworthy throughout. If it is efficient, why not? The songs are weighing in as respective results of creative sessions in which the primal directive was to make them feel interesting, which never is a disposable agenda when it comes to create pretty much anything, and it especially is so with music, amidst other things I might not be aware of, and the voices approve.

With a notable tendency to deliver concise, yet efficient tracks, the album does not let you down if you are 100% sure that you are Primal Mother or Merely Man enough to take nothing less than contributions of epic proportions made out of the same massively morose music substance, - matter, if you think I just ran out of the ruthless rape of alliterations - so titular delivery "Fading Away" clocks in at the steeper parts of eleven minutes. I won't be refraining from expressing one personal impression of mine, and will let you know that the focal musical interest of Brando Albers truly is tapping at the very/roaring pulse of soul crusher sludge metal in impertinent fashion, so, if you are a fan of sludge and Depeche Mode, the album is a safe recommendation to propagate mood level improvement to the betterment of your surroundings. The LP gives you plenty of time and eloquent dark shakti-patterns to calibrate your nervous system for the benefit of the reality experiment via exhaling your inner-Nietzsche into that silly little thing called The Void. A plan, isn't it?

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