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Sunday, February 24, 2013

DraMatiQue - Kill The Game mixtape review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hip Hop Mixtape
Label : Newborn Records
Origin : United States
Where to Check Out : > - here - <

Press Release :
The classic, highly anticipated debut mixtape from West Coast rap artist DraMatiQue ( drah*mad*dick ). This well crafted, sixteen track extravaganza serves as an entertaining introduction to one of hip-hop's most original and creative artists to emerge in recent years. " Kill The Game Mixtape " is hosted by DJ Omega Red and boasts features from A$e Card, Haze, Corey Drums, Official, Petey Popoff, Young C.E.O.z., & more along with stellar production from Beats Planet, Kajmir Royale & Stompboxx Music. Follow on twitter @dramati2ue, @DJOMEGAREDNY

Streaming/Download Link ( no log in required ) : http://www.datpiff.com/DraMatiQue-Kill-The-Game-Mixtape.429536.html

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The mixtape weighs in as a legitimate sub-woofer assault, praising and resonating a particularly tasty interest in bloated, fuzzy jazz backdrops and dainty synthpop fascinations. The length is considerable, yet strategically optimized, striking up the fine and hilarious anti-balance between compositions that openly submit to the relentless chasing of ulta-lush and reverberating sounds. This is not gangtser rap, at least not the kind that invites you to re-stock on your supply of 12 gauge buckshots. It instead is the mixtape that openly seeks to reflect on the things and sentiments that CONNECT you with the entity called your neighbor. Is he a mortal threat? Might "he" be a SHE and a HOT at that?? That would be puzzling.

An interesting Extra of the overall flow is the favorite and clever editing practices of your host DraMatiQue, who offers the assembled mixtape in the form of an over-the-top radio edit as if the disc jockey would have a seizure as result of sentient buckets of cocaine running rampant in the studio, and this comic book appeal doubtless conveys an over the top GTA IV appeal to the overall experience. The inclusion of certain classic sound effects - like the Thriller laugh from Jacko's Thriller - is a nice addition to a tasty, exceptionally musical fabric of a more restrained but quite emotional character. A lush, sexy hip hop mixtape. Recommended.

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