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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meroe - Sick Society review

Year : 2012
Genre : Traditional, Heavy Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Germany
Official site : >- here - <

Meroe brings to you a deeply traditional and massively positivistic form of heavy metal, an incarnation of the genre that does not even attempt to escape the clutches/hug of the most vintage thematic mood dispositions the style always seemed to embrace, and does not mind doing so even today. The album's title, in my opinion, is misleading, and, perhaps playfully/deliberately so, because the verdict it conveys projects an image of music with a rebellious stance to it, wouldn't you agree? Based on the tastefully minimalistic yet rigorous cover art, one is free to assume sonic goodies on a Kreator thrash metal register of high capacity civil unrest, but be assured that the disc gives THOSE lamentations a rest, instead. The content is highly optimistic in its nature, and a large chunk of its lyrical rhetorics revolves around the simple most intriguing constructs men can approach, and those indeed are women. Don't be misled again : Meroe, as a band, as hive entity, decided to stay away from the approach openly - hah, hah. - cultivated by acts like Steel Panther, an American media-hack band that plays absolutely legitimate glam metal, but features lyrics to it that makes all dads hide their daughters in the closet in terror.

It is not at all so with Germany's Meroe. The band is admirable in the sense that it submits to the evident and obligatory amazement of The Woman, alas!, as a man, exhibiting your evident and obligatory amazement towards The Woman is the Ultimate Technique you will NOT get The Woman by, but, the record nevertheless emerges as an idealistically channeled endeavor courting the OH!, so wishful and optimistic denial of the aforementioned notion. Read on to know more about this album.

The disc brings to you a soberly shaped sound of no-antics heavy metal, which also reigns free of any notable desire to offer beneficial deviations on top of the straight-out met'LL warfare. Instead, everything is humpty-dory in the context that I can see Tony Montana rocking out to these tracks in the '80s no problemo, as the straightforward-, yet beefy production values are quite akin in temper to what Giorgio Moroder - the Premiere Mastermind behind the awesomelucious Scarface soundtrack - has accomplished. Akin in the sense of the love resonated towards the relentless 4/4 pummeling, demanding and getting steady audio pleasure as it flatters the timeless charisma of upbeat-tempo which never goes beyond the threshold of no longer being compatible with the musical awareness of all members of the whole family.

The music on the Sick Society LP is both kind and decently realized, and also emerges content with resonating its primer directives within a field that looks acceptable and even admirable with all its limitations amended, as the fans of this style would likely be disturbed by anything else/more. The songs follow the massively orthodox structure of verse/chorus/verse/intermission/huuuge-huge chorus, - no problem in this department - and show steady success at offering hooks with the indispensable catchy factor to them, pulling this all out - SIC! - without any need to rely on fist-pumping spandex ridicule.

Other than that, a traditional heavy fucking metal album should exhibit guitar solos of awesometicularly gargantuan proportions, and with great delight I inform you that the LP weighs in as a legitimate superheavyweight when queried from this particular angle : the high frequency detail in the fabric of the songs is an addition never staying totally absent from any one of them, and, while the guitar solo work showcases top tier musical competency and apt technical readiness, the soloist, thank God & Co., knows when push the BRAKES to the metal, and so his HD guitar solo contribution never bleeds over to "lookwhaticando!" fretboard-acrobatics and wankery territories.

The disc, though it contains a couple of highly dramatic and uncompromisingly moody pieces that will execute your happiness-chemicals on spot without remorse, - "Kissing a dream goodybe", for example - commit no judgmental mistake and know that 95% IF not more of this disc is lighthearted, traditional heavy metal with JUST a tint of glam metal flavor embedded into it, courtesy of its immense fixation on The Woman. Being fixated on The Woman is all good, there is a part of me that does not do anything else, and all the other males have that part, too. All in all, an honest and straightforward run that you can decipher flawlessly even on your very first try.

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