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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Francis Bowie - Francis Bowie EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Synthpop, Intelligent Pop
Label : Independent
Origin : Denmark
Official Site : > - here - <

Francis Bowie is Francis Bowie in Francis Bowie's Francis Bowie EP, and the official name of the trade is pop music of the intelligent kind. The EP represents an odd-, nevertheless pleasing behavior in the sense that it manages to set things more and more right after a relatively trite and ultra-orthodox opening track. From that point on, the lighting and the mood becomes fluorescent and intriguing in a "shady side of the '80s" kind of way, as Francis Bowie takes you on an atmospheric/emotional sonic stroll that indeed is able to resonate with the ethos it is dormantly obliged to resonate with, which is none other than the one represented by world famous name-kin David Bowie. The builds are simultaneously playful, slim, dainty, fragile, while being uncompromisingly dark, though never enough to make a lady frightened - nooooo, no - and there IS the promise of high definition bliss and happiness, but hopelessness is not someone who has no access to the party, either. Read on to know more about this EP.

As mentioned, the only relatively weaker contribution the disc brings to the fray, is the opening track, but you, as listener, might be subjected to a deliberate trick, because the effect of the second song is unquestionable, when witnessed directly after the - maybe, purposefully - trite opener. The artist does not have to tell you what her/his intentions were, and thank God & Co. for that! Second track, "Wasting my time" - no pun intended - is the longest one on the spin, - pun REALLY not intended - and it reeks Depeche Mode pretty much effortlessly, and, I dare say, properly. The darker verse structure is counterpointed by a seemingly more forgiving and loving chorus, which though claims radical liberty - why, is there any other kind? - to toll you for different kinds of emotions during its clever/secretive progression. Once a music track is able to pull this trick off, you make GyZ a happy gimp. The outtro section of the song features a more pronounced sound presence, and a rigorous, sober sense of balance and limitations also are observable with great content.

On "Sunny Day", a female singer joins in the proceedings, armed with an agenda and a cute accent, which though reflects a good command and understanding of the English lingo. Her voice is pleasant, as is the song structure itself, which, with a clever and intriguing anatomy, conveys complexity via thrilling and entertaining ways, despite the original, beautiful simplicity the track offers as ultimate face value. The song is about a "Sunny Day", but its mood is definite night music, so reality is hacked, which always is good fun for the whole family.

Concluding track, "Silly and Crazy" comes to you as a clever, interesting blend of Marilyn Manson and Modern effin Talking, I swear to you! If this combination alone does not excite you, then I don't know what to tell you. I was highly content with the EP even before listening to this smartly positioned wrap up piece, but this particular declaration surely crosses the "T"s and dots all the "I"s in eloquent fashion - not to mention that it expresses the primordial plan behind the flow rather efficiently. A tame vocal duet is observable in the fabric, in which the female singer compliments Francis' lead in a modest, yet competent and musically thrilling manner, - it helps a lot that she is a woman, too - and the whole mood is reeking THAT darker tint of restrained/but-in-a-sense-shameless eroticism found only in the music of the '80s in THIS particular form. All in all, the EP is a rather pleasant surprise, Tony fucking Montana approves, and who is the miserable critic to challenge such a notion? Recommended.

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