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Saturday, August 25, 2012

a listen at : Pia Dean

Genre : Pop with a tint of r&b
Label : Independent
Origin : United Kingdom
Official site : - > here < -

 UK based songwriter Pia Dean literally sounds to be in the process of assembling enough material to release an EP on a sunny day lurking near you, as she already has two tracks sculpted out, while another three songs are offered on her official Reverbnation outpost - link above - in the form of eloquent, highly informative, massively acoustic demo versions.

The character of music channeled by Miss Dean graces shared consensus with a purposefully ultra-gentle approach, that which delightfully submits to the laid back pop ethos of the early '90s. If you are familiar with the track "More Than Words" from the band "Extreme", then you will have a grasp of what to expect in a broad sense, though the emotional scale on display is not necessarily limited to good old rhetorics of "don't you know how much I love you". No, I don't. Show me. Just kidding. Read on to know more about the music of Pia Dean.

As noted, the official site already features two completed tracks, yet one has the hopeful hunch that offering the demos is part of a clever and logical marketing strategy, and here is how : it always is nice to hear a datastream of sound evolve IF and when it plans to do so at all, and the demos offered on the site are more than enough to keep your curiosity intact for the finalized versions of these declarations. The main difference you are most likely invited to expect between the demos and the completed songs is the mere richness of the instrumentalization. Pia exhibits a mature sense of her own musical and narrative intentions, and the sonic environment she declares her primordial moods in - moody at heart, but never enough that you would be afraid to attempt to cheer her up -  are corresponding to a tastily restrained blend of dainty acoustic music and fine electronics, the latter mainly serving as intriguing spice on the straightforward, soulful pop backdrops.

The miserable critic most often is obliged to offer something to whine miserably about, so now is the time to share with you my personal sentiment and related tame rant that Pia Dean sounds to have a more pronounced capacity to convey vocal intensity, which though she is yet to reveal after these more than promising introductory statements. Once Pia Dean goes Adele on me, I want to hear about it. Check Pia out on your mobile player while running in the rain until further notice.

Pia Dean at Reverbnation.

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