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Monday, May 14, 2012

Promotional Spot : Mr. Fastfinger - In Motion

Year : 2012
Genre : Instrumental Rock
Origin : Finland
Label : Mad Guitar Records
Official site : > - here - <

Press release :

Mr.Fastfinger, the guitar Sensei, is back with a new adventure. New album “In Motion” is beyond a classical instrumental rock album. Energy, expression, feeling, emotion and guitar! “In Motion” are 12 compositions that flow perfectly together. The careful selection of glorious musical themes alternates with very intense, fast and emotional guitar solos, very loud riffs with tribal percussion, ambient keyboards and an amount of exotic instruments unmatched in the instrumental rock genre.

Featuring guests: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Thomas Blug and Timo Kämäräinen.
CD also includes a special fretboard game. And a secret link to access jam tracks and transcriptions to inspire your practicing and playing to new dimensions!

In Motion is released by Elektrik Pyjamas and distributed by the Mad Guitar Records.

Follow this link to check the album out.

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