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Monday, May 14, 2012

Impiety - Ravage & Conquer review

Year : 2012
Genre : Black Metal
Label : Agonia Records
Origin : Singapore
Rating : 8.0 / 10

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Impiety is one of the Great Ancients of black metal warfare as far as I know, as the Singaporean ensemble has been around since 1990. Their previous output consisted of one monster length track of 39 minutes, yet this particular fresh installment the current review is about employs the more orthodox method, giving you eight songs for 48 minutes of minigun-intensity.

Indeed, the package slaughters silence down with the assets you see expressing themselves on the cover art. Witness the instruments of relentless destruction waged by Mr. Baphomet, reigning on his throne of infinite punishment and steady pestilence. Judging by the expression on your excuse for a face, you must be one legendarily lonely motherfucker. This is one of the pleasant occasions when the music sounds exactly as you would expect it to sound like based on the cover art of the album. I already was talking about miniguns, and not because I am a weapon lover, - I never in my life have shot a weapon so far, and I do not feel the urge to do so, either - but because of the overall temper of this delivery. Read on to find out more about that.

Ravage & Conquer is in an efficient haste to reveal its doubtless awesome primordial character, which is nothing less AND nothing else than minigun-grade black metal warfare, hence - is "hence" really a "gay" word? - the minigun connotation I have been offering earlier in the review. If you soak your ears into this music randomly over any given region of it, there are good and steady chances that you will be blown away by its relentless-, uncompromising and honest hyper-aggression. It really is the sonic equivalent of you being beaten half to death with your own severed head in hell twice a day, and that always has a promise for the bizarre, don't you think? The disc is a constant display of Baphomet on the rampage armed with the assets depicted-, and with an agenda of galactic domination, while the anatomy-, the shape of things on the delivery similarly are consorting to the mentioned temper, pretty much exclusively.

The drums are immensely blast beats fixated, yet they offer sufficient space and air around themselves so thick sonic data could be wrapped around their spiky-, arrogant-, bitter and unforgiving tendencies. As for this sonic data, it is consisting of multiple, beefed up black metal triplet-guitars that reign between a Burzum style skeletal black metal and steroid death metal sound in their temper. Most of the time, two of these guitars are responsible for the premiere shape of the sonic backdrop, while the third guitar has a solo agenda. This superb high frequency ornamenter is not always present, but, when it is, it offers well choreographed demonic dive-outs from the fluctuating lava-hell mass (mess) that is the mind of Baphomet, into and out of the depths of hell in a glorious and efficient attempt to exhibit a new kind of torment suffered on each successive return to its chosen homeland of infinite horrors. This particular narrative rhetorics is pretty suitable and twistedly functional to offer horrific ornaments on top of the main hellfabric, and you have seen it at work on the latest to date Enthroned album, as well. But the Enthroned disc is much more melodic-, much less pervert in its own right and in its intents.

It is not to say that this disc would lack melodies. Nah, it just does not show interest in verbalizing them all that much. You can try-, even succeed at making out some actual anatomical aspect of the riffs, but they don not want it. They do not want you to scrutinize them, they want to fuck you up, and they will. The music's intent to waste everything it gets in contact with is way too dominant to make it able to fiddle around with anything more or anything else than to fulfill its relentless desire to Kill All On Spot. All this inevitably makes the disc both a harshly successful-, and, strangely enough, relatively limited offering. It baffles me that I have to say this, because I still am intrigued when I hear a random half minute of the disc. It is "just" that that that - is this expression legal? - half minute you hear is basically the story of the whole release, as well.

Remember, the package sounds to be the rendition of the favorite sentiments of Baphomet, and it is "only acceptable" that among those thoughts and focal urges, no willingness to forgive is offered or tolerated by the core intents that keep that reality operational and even useful from the perspective of pure, limitless negativity. And THIS particular mindset is the relative shortcoming of this brave and honest release, too. It offers a relentless FPS run armed with dual BFG 9000s in a city full of caring nuns and doctors, good intentions and innocent pedestrians, and you have God Mode -  Satan Mode? - enabled just to be sure. The disc is about THIS Constant Kill exclusively, fueled by a doubtless honest AND successful attempt at revealing the probable mindset of Baphomet that exhibits the Perfect Capacity to Harm Without Remorse.

Since the primordial intent is this, too, and nothing else, no sentiments or doubts are tolerated among the rampant urges that invite the cultivator-, the host of those to SUBMIT and DESTROY "Welcome to the Dark Side, nyehnyehnyehnyeh" style. Oh hai! Are you that guy? If you are a retard and are reading this with big trembling manga eyes with an imminent teardrop in them and your hands are clinching in a fist, then your psyche is fucked up and you need to realize that this is just a game. If reading this review makes you look up the Baphomet latex mask collection of Amazon, then you are missing the whole fucking point of the release and the review and this disc is not YET for you. Impiety deserves tremendous respect for creating and offering a perfectly valid sonic depiction of a Raging Baphomet, as they did with this gesture the most admirable : they have put Evil, Rampant on the place where it Belongs in a reality worth living through : to the cover of a CD. And you belong on the couch of a psychiatrist, my friend.

Rating : 8.0 / 10

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