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Friday, May 4, 2012

John Harrison - None Like You EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Christian Soft Rock Worship Music
Label : Independent
Origin : Australia
Official site : > - here - <

Your free will and its premiere thought patterns do not necessarily need to be constructed and operated through a Christian belief system to recognize that Australian John Harrison's worship contribution "None Like You" represents a tame and exigent shape in consensus when inspected through the lenses of what it wants to do.

It, of course is entirely up to the individual to see if she/he needs a belief system at the core that has a comforting plug and play answer to each and every issue, yet, the album undoubtedly reigns complete and "relatable to", regardless if you admire the fact that it is openly out there to embrace an anthropomorphic image of God or do not. Your opinion, this time, does not matter, and it does not have to. See? The agenda of the contribution is to administer finely constructed Christian worship music, and it satisfies this criteria trustily and steadily. Read on to find out more about this disc.

John Harrison states in his review request that the lyrics oftentimes are simplistic in nature, being primarily designed to be singable by a larger audience in a worship environment. Here is the thing : if I implement a Christian belief system in myself for a minute or two, the lyrics seem to be straightforward, logical, and the exact things that I want to hear to secure the validity of my belief system, indeed. The music is friendly, easily accessible, and has capacity to register along a tastily-, if limitedly varied palette of musical moods. John Harrison's favorite modus operandi is to resonate his heartfelt sentiments towards Jesus along an exigent variant of a bonfire-compatible register, however the compositions are arranged AND blossomed into legitimate soft rock builds with colorful instrumentalization, and, though the final results tend to exhibit a tad more mud than the everyday average miserable latex gimp music critic is most happy to tolerate, this said quality renders a sense of intimacy to the package, an attribute the contribution looks more sharply defined in its intents with.

I personally did not find tracks that I considered straight-out weak on the disc, as the majority of the builds ride along a soft rock modal setting that seeks to strike a sober middle balance between U2 and a super-tame acoustic variant of the grunge ethos of the '90s, and I have zero doubt whatsoever that the data on the disc would work quite well in the environment that it primarily designed to work within. Other than that, the song called "Breathe" has a relevant structural anatomy and it packs a George Michael kind of vibe, in my opinion. This track is a highlight for me, regardless how God and I fail to have fear of each other. As for Jesus, Jesus just left Chicago, and he is bound for New Orleans. Forgiveness is granted, all you have to do is ask for it all the time.

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