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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dragonforce - The Power Within review

Year : 2012
Genre : Extreme Powercheesemetal
Label : Essential Music (UK)
           Roadrunner Records (US)
           3Wise (Australia)
           JVC Victor (Japan)
           TriOptimum Corporation (Intergalactic)

Origin : United Kingdom
Rating : 8.0 / 10

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Dragonforce's The Power Within is the shameless-, unconditional and utter embracement of power metal cheesefest galore, however done with such religious diligence that said gesture demands more respect than any mockery. I dare say that this particular release emerges and defines a new genre, that which I, as miserable latex gimp music critic, - look, this is the third time I link Latex Gimp Retro Ultra Fusion Power today, bitches - deem the very first

Extreme Powercheese Metal

release of this particular Universe. I realize that I might be vastly wrong about this notion, and there indeed might be other installments of similar character already available to the public, but I personally never heard one so far, so I'm taking a bit of a risk herein. In case my (related) deficits are obvious to you, then please leave a comment of the essential releases of similar traits, so consensual awareness can develop further on by your gesture. The behavior of this LP is so clear as a dragon-crystal - \m/ metal heeeeeeeart! \m/ - and you will need to read on to know more about it. Guys, let's talk about the music.

The album relies exclusively on one particular primordial narrative, - minus some nicely realized extra tracks like the acoustic-only molten cheese high fantasy variant of a song, etc. - and that is to deliver boy scout-grade live fantasy power metal with death metal/rabid thrash aggression, and, as such, the in-your-fucking-face open power chord is as common on the album as drops of water during a Tsunami are, and even THIS is an understatement. If all this sounds frightening so far, feel free to dismiss your fear, because let me tell you that the stuff works superbly enough to surprise you to the core if you did not yet hear it at work. The compositional behavior is extremely-, AND fruitfully hook-fixated, so there is a chorus coming your way on every corner, - on huuuuuuuge ass open power chords, of course - wanting to serve as an industrial ventillator to valiantly pose against the cosmic hair threads of your Amazon girlfriend. You got to love watching her posing in the wind listening to this, right? A minor tip : turn the chick the other way around.

The album, one must iterate, is remarkably and uncompromisingly cheesy to the core, all in the spirit of a high fantasy connotation, while the premiere side-characteristics that elevate the delivery even in this particular-, deliberate state, is its super-valiant "tame" aggression - more on this in a second - and its steroidal production values. As for the "tame" aggression, the disc essentially brings to you gentle, dare I say, at heart weightless/irrelevant/cheesefest boy scout elf-melodies, orchestrated though to an infinite tons of iron, and that is that. And, in case you were wondering, yes, said method is more than sufficient to fuel a record that is good for 8.0 here at Noise Shaft at THIS moment. The variation on the disc demands recognition. The love for the cultivated genre is evident throughout, and the guitar solos demand immediate respect, though I personally suspect that they are studio-chiseled, but, as long as it sounds like fucking Thor is on the guitar on amphetamine, I'm all good, to be frank.

Luckily, even with its limited set of tools, the disc reigns free of tired-ass pinball machine metal antics, and the mere heft which is the natural result of consorting ultracheese power metal with death metalish drum work and intensity, sells out the show no problem. When you give the spin multiple occasions to impress you, you will probably realize that the music is not as serious-, and much less elegant than, for example Pharao's, but it does not even seek to exhibit such progressive-, and darkly epic qualities. Once again : cheerful boy scout live fantasy powercheese metal on 'roids, and that is acceptable.

Rating : 8.0 / 10

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