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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Xipe Totec - Eztlacuani review

Year : 2011
Genre : Atmospheric Death Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Mexico
Rating : 9.0 / 10

Mexico expects a superb year from a touristic point of view, courtesy of the 2012 apocalypse some portion of the masses anticipate. Xipe Totec's Eztlacuani is coming to you from the most authentic soul content you could possibly imagine, as this Mexican formation channels the sonic variant of the apocalyptic ancient energy steadily summoned on the cover art. If you did not yet see Mel Gibson's movie Apocalypto, - a vastly significant movie, in my opinion, and people dissing it are failing to realize what they are witnessing, seems to me - then now is the time to do so. What you - in my view - witness is a real life historic science fiction movie in which the wrath of anguish Gods indeed seems to threaten the life quality of the Mayan community. As such, this hive entity, driven by fear, accepts and follows the direction of - haha! - religion, - ahhhahahahahahaha! - that which declares that lives must be sacrificed in vast numbers to gain the mercy of the anguish entities up above. Comfy so far? I dare you to imagine that you are a Mayan woman or man with an impending eclipse above the scenery, tribal music by million drums and animalistic shouts in consensus air and in your ear, and you are being led/dragged to the top of the sacrificial pyramid with the High Priest on it, who, rest assured, will have no problem cutting your heart out, having done that 23 times in the past 30 minutes already. This horrifying experience is a part of the collective psyche, and these humans had no choice to tap out of this, to dismiss the terrible, real life 3D life experience crushing their current form of existence. They had to die by this trauma, and had to experience it emotionally and physically. Infinitely disturbing and infinitely sad thing.

I confess I do not understand a single word sung on this release, but I instinctively understand that they promise no good. To me, it is a record made both for the timeless remembrance of sacrificed Mayans, - talking about death metal, hm? - and, for the timeless remembrance of that ancient variant on the fabric of physical reality, in which you, as a living human being, indeed lack both the capacity and awareness to convince anyone that no one needs to die, it is "just" an eclipse. There are no words in use in that reality fabric to make them "understand", even if you would knew the information, you would have next to zero chance to convince the religious leaders of this collective psyche to give up on their ancient traditions, losing their face in the process. You will be sacrificed. Read on though, Lover.

Xipe Totec's Eztlacuani is a superb, authentic addition to the attractions you can properly anticipate your personal apocalypse with. This rampant spin comes to you along a traditional-, yet very well realized death metal register, soaked skillfully and tastefully in Mayan atmospheric elements. Among these, tribal drums and the Mayan flute are the focal ingredients. You got to love and fear all of them. They summon an ancient vibe that flatters a cosmic secret of timeless significance regarding mere cosmos and the oh, so casual existence, and, though the Mayan flute herein has only two favorite pitches, those two pitches will always find their way to your core, courtesy of the lack of all doubt on their part that they will do so indeed.

To make the metaphoric picture given earlier - with the pyramid and tribal drums - more precise, imagine that there is an ancient, anachronistic Mayan death metal band playing on one of the tribunals when you are being dragged to the top of the pyramid to be sacrificed. The music you hear during the process, is contained on this spin. As such, it is needless to say that Xipe Totec's Eztlacuani is both a disturbing-, but very significant spiritual ride, after which you give all grace you can to the fabric of cosmos that you are not in the position of having to die by the trauma the sacrificed Mayans had to die by.

As for your Personal Apocalypse of any other kind : if that is what you are after, than that is what you will get.

Rating : 9.0 / 10

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