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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jon Boling aka Skatch MC - Sincerity : The Soundtrack to Life review

Year : 2012
Genre : Rap / Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
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Jon Boiling aka Skatch MC comes your way with a debut LP that is quick and efficient to reveal its crystal clear agendas, and you can take this quite literally. The name of the game herein is traditional-, heartfelt 4/4 hip hop with super-polished production values, - more on those later - and one thing that hits your receptors right away to cause a pleasant extra surprise in them, is the precise vocal articulation of the whole contribution. I know, grasping the lyrics on the fly Family Guy style is not something you thought you will have to fathom (while driving by) amidst steady rap warfare, but, behold : here is a ripe hip hop release with very easily understandable lyrical content.

The primer modal characteristic of The Soundtrack to Life album is more of a laid back, peaceful demeanor, with which the LP comes through as much more authentic, than if to address the Tuesday night gunfight and the size of the premiere local female butt without end, as it is a somewhat common and safe shortcut to flatter the genre. The fact that Skatch MC puts more emphasis on mood and atmosphere than on intimidation and 9mm subterfuge, guarantees a laid back-, yet intimate, and most importantly : FUN listening experience. Read on to find out more about this decent, meticulously polished hip hop debut.

As noted, Skatch MC is not approaching you with the arrogant gloating stance so common to the style, which does not mean that he lacks a firm position on consensus issues OR the readiness to share those inputs with you. The primordial themes of the lyrical content are ranging from witty takes on the paradox nature of a global economy system which insist that the most sober goal is to consume infinitely amidst limited supplies, to the everyday life of micro communities, heavily characterized by the terribly dangerous combination of drugs and the most serious responsibilities, like having to groom a child or two.

From a compositional point of view, I honestly can say that I like what I hear, because I hear what I like, based on the related central intents of the LP. The soul of the attraction herein, of course, is the flow of the spoken word, and the meat and bone sonic structures to back those up, are decently realized studio constructs without any mispositioned will being present in them to take risks or to exhibit futile shock values. Each element the record utilizes, is realized with a steady hand and a stone cold sober mindset, and THAT is sufficient : the kick drum packs both a punch and a bite, the synths bring the grit, while the piano always steals a tint of mellow into the - mainly - friendly sonic fabrics the album is fond and efficient at utilizing.

Jon Boiling aka Skatch MC - Sincerity : The Soundtrack to Life is hip hop from the heart resonated through a spiritual stance that is very easy to relate to, courtesy of its bravery, elegant capacity and well positioned cunning of not wanting to be anything less than that.

Rating : - review requested -

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