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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mors Subita - Human Waste Compression review

Year : 2011
Genre : Melodic Death Metal with Groove and Thrash tendencies
Label : Violent Journey Records
Origin : Finland
Rating : 9.2 / 10

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Mors Subita - the band's name translates to "Sudden Death" - brings to you a fervently hefty variant of its operative subject matter, which is none other than the eloquent kind of comic book melodic death metal proposed by fellow countrymen Rainroom. The element that I think works best on the Rainroom record I just linked the review of, is virtually omnipresent on this particular LP, so my delight is considerable. (And not slim.)

Imagine a neoclassical music lingo that sports the inherent elegance and beauty of its mere own nature, yet it occupies the position of wanting to obtain the hefty-heavy melodic/harmonic hook for itself as backup as soon as possible. The sense of power metalic epic determination is being put on ridiculous dosages of war drugs herein, and so the music itself impertinently taunts both hope and hopelessness until these opposing entities end up in a no holds barred fight, - hopelessness is a tough motherfucker of the delivery - and you are invited to be the observer of the puzzling event. This particular method of orchestrating fragile classical gloom and intricacy with the rumble of wartanks is a prime fascination of the whole album, and it also is the aspect that makes the wartank-ride a truly enjoyable one. Read on to find out more about this fine LP.

The behavior of the record brings to mind massive groove metal connotations via its sheet temper, yet it must be pointed out that the groove on display is operating in a more wide spectrum than "just" the neoclassical register. When it deviates from the neoclassical moods, fueled by the intent to go bluesy for a bar or two, the re-arrival of the fragile punishment always is a superb trade-off to greet, and its subsequent dismissal equates to the reinvigorated return - and related charm - of its bluesy peer.

The release has a set of favorite musical sub-attitudes it is sporting along the way, showing frequent willingness to color its numerous hooks with a thrashy temper, and looking similarly good in mid-tempo, courtesy of the smartly sculpted riffcraft that is an immediate trademark of the release. It is not an exaggeration to state that Human Waste Compression is LOADED with hooks, top to bottom. And smart, beautiful ones at that. This diligent-, at heart experimental propensity is toppled by superb choruses that are gracing your awareness as intact, super-efficient peak moments you can hop on no problem. If you don't want that, they will destroy Nibiru and Uranus. The choruses are deeply melodic in character, as result of the rich harmonic environments they are unfolding in. Talking about the summoned harmonic environments, the release weighs in as immediate super-heavyweight in that department. If you are not impressed by the inventiveness of the harmonic fabrics in tracks like SCS, Entrance to Sickness or titular Human Waste Compressor, then I don't know what to tell you. Human Waste Compressor is a good sample-song, by the way, as it immediately starts out with a tremendous fucking harmonic fabric, engaging 111% of the band's full capacity.

Don't be too swift to relate to the term "melody" in the context of this album. The fronter, thank God & Co., does not even THINK about going melodic. He gutturals/growls the momentary prime misery no problem, yet his presence is situated in a harmonic environment that always is ready and able to simultaneously reveal a fine blend between neoclassical musical beauty/fragility and groove metalish neurosis and rampancy. Full-musculature-, real deal harmonic passages and grooves full of beauty and ruthless efficiency are abundant herein. That is the central idea, and the closely related ultimate charm of the record, of course.

It's getting uncomfortable that I can't kick into this album with a clear conscience, but, hell, the track palette is pretty well varied and tolerates no bitchwhining in pink lingerie about filler songs or anything similar. The release is a stable delivery with legit-, tightly focused content all the way through, and you need to do yourself a favor, and soak your ears into two or three tracks a time to form defendable initial impressions of the massive whole of this delivery. Many have tried to create this style-, this temper of music, but not many have succeeded yet, or please educate me if I'm wrong about this. Rainroom ALMOST did, but - in my opinion - came short via a sloppily focused mid-section. Hellfrost failed legendarily. Insomnium - then again from Finland - came forth with a brilliant release in 2011, yet the One for Sorrow LP has a much more unforgiving temper than THIS baby. This Mors Subita release is a monster and it came to kill. But it has its balladistic moments, too, and those are superb stuffs, too. The efficient combination of rabid groove and neoclassical gloom brings you a release that either puts a spiky cyborgdemon with no love in it at all on your sorry hide, or, it simply makes you one. The choice is yours.

Rating : 9.2 / 10

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