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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cryptodira - The Four Quarters EP review

Year : 2011
Genre : Math Metal Death Metal with Experimental tendencies
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Rating : review requested by the band

Get this EP as a free download from the band's Facebook page

Cryptodira's The Four Quarters EP - you got to love the crazy cover art, which, in high resolution, reveals fractal level complexity in good old C64 vector visual lingo - starts out with a deceitful arpeggiated guitar intro, armed with the function of opening the gates up on what the then-hidden primer tools of the warfare actually are : since Ceterum, I'm kind of a maniac of intentionally fucked up rhythmic grooves, and with great delight I have to realize that the opening track of this EP seems and SOUNDS to have its fair share of grudges with orthodox rhythm work, as well : the traditional flow of the music, in this case, gets more abruptly and more aggressively disturbed herein, but, never to the point that it would cause harm in the fabric-, in the character of the music, fortunately. So, this first instrumental track on the release, with its bravely abused time signature and rabid set of mean, fat riffs is a definite winner for me. Read on to find out more about this EP.

Second track, called "Asphyxiate" starts out promisingly enough, with another sonic hive-entity getting held hostage by a timehack, and this scenario sells out a one minute intro no problem. Then, a verse comes your way with metalcorish vocals, and, if you frequent these pages, then you know my generic input on metalcoresque vocals, so I will leave my related nervous breakdown at that.

The band employs compositional techniques akin to what you frequently hear in the djent subgenre: the reoccurring engagement of industrial iron cutter guitars is often used herein as a method to offer something to connect elements with, while the "body" of the flow has no problem at all finding legit instrumental directions to take your awareness to between two of these sonic outposts. And, in fact, when the metalcore vocals do not explode into a shitsniffer metalcore chorus - and they do not herein - then they are much more tolerable. The complexity offered by this song is bordering on the experimental, and this always is something a listener should-, in my opinion be grateful for, as the smartly sculpted-, at heart easily accessible yet monstrous sonic elements herein indeed serve audio content worth soaking your ears into.

Third track, "Anonymous" is a strange, relatively neurotic track, in my opinion. It sounds to me as easily the least successful on the entire EP. No wonder they did not even gave it a name. It starts out with a lost in space, superwet, reverberated guitar arpeggio, flattered by timehacked drums and an environment that bows down to this rule set. Humpty Dory so far. Not so much later, these drums engage death metal blast beats, - really? - while the fronter does not relent addressing his favorite frustrations to date. A frightening reminder of a metalcore chorus is the last hint of a stable element I feel is worth grasping after, then the build exhibits its reoccurring desire to squash me smaller and smaller and smaller with relentlessly wet sonic mass that does not sound to me as something I would bother deciphering too much, I let it fall on me noprob the way it wants to, instead. The audio data starting from 1:48 in the body of this track, for example. The charm of randomness? Nnnnnnnnno. Only the casual ugliness of it, in this case.

Track four, "Victim Complex", reminds me of a groove metal song with its start sequence, fronted by a cowboy from hell who had way too much fucking chili for the throat. The track is hasty to arrive to an interesting interlude that borders on the thin, collective field of technical death metal and thrash, then, the more tame and more assuaging groove comes back as an element to make way for further developments. These consecutive sequences are pretty tight : they once again bring to my mind thrash metal connotations, - the middle of this track diffo has a Kreator vibe, in my opinion - while surrounding the thrashy vibe with a truly interesting selection of various death metal attractions : the robust, smartly limited harmonies of melodic death are as equal ingredients of the occurrences as are the little tints of crazy-, high frequency liquid guitar riffs you anticipate from bands like Obscura or Blotted Science.

Track number 5, called "Amenity", is the one you will check out for yourself, beautiful Ladies and notably miserable Gents. Remember : Noise Shaft does not give scores for albums that are not yet in commercial circulation, because the site does not seek to super-subjectively hinder in any numeric way the chance of any sonic content reaching such status. OK, I just lied, because you won't regret checking this LP out, which you can find as a free down on the band's Facebook page.

Rating : review requested by the band

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