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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Uncle Acid & the deadbeats - Blood Lust review

Year : 2011
Genre : Doom Metal / Blues Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : UK
Rating : 8.2 / 10

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Uncle Acid & the deadbeats invite you on a ride that does not come with a safety guarantee, as their latest to date audible contribution is a lush, tastily, lively realized tribute to the mere retro charm you could harvest during the restless sitting time of a z-grade exploitation horror / thriller made in the '70s.

Blood Lust is a pretty easily and gratefully approachable project at heart, as it is one that finds elegant reason behind its existence simply by the act of kissing the lips of its own aspirations, and not stopping until there is at least a drop of blood involved. Can't say do not be afraid : be afraid, because Blood Lust wants your soul, and for it, it will cut you down. (As a start.)

Uncle Acid & the deadbeats introduce a central vibe that is the devoted lover, hell, even the devoted sex slave of two primal styles. Imagine a mixture of the ancient, lazily yet dangerously energized dooming of Black Sabbath, combined with the feminine kind of coolness/restlessness declared by the Bee Gees. These nine tracks reek the manic-, and, as such, proper kind of love towards the aforementioned inspirators, yet it remains safe to say that the Black Sabbath vibe-language reigns as the LP's primal intent, while the high pitched head voice singing, that which still keeps dignity and packs the menacing factor no problem, summons and establishes a truly powerful, tasty combination with the instruments being in proper, playful, constant doom in the background.


Constant doom is not doom at all.
Or is that the only kind of doom?

Some think - I try to avoid the "I", and I fail - Doom is sexiest when it comes with an urge, and it gets more and more miserable when it scrutinizes its own image. Luckily enough, Blood Lust seems to share this approach for dooming around, as the LP never loses a simple, yet proper kind of drive to express its vile and hateful intentions.

The production is flawless both for what it wants to do, and even when considered as something on its own : a homage to the horroristic side of the entertainment industry of the '70s, and a delivery that has intimate affliction and intimate affection for the dangerous, for the lethal aspects of the era. The sound, of course, is not free of elegant (!!) mud, but it IS free of the will of trying to conceal it. As hinted, a nice kind of mud it is anyway, one that adds a special, cold hearted warmness and intimacy to the experience. The mud this project simply could not work out well without. Blood Lust is a sexy, violent, restless contribution with its focus being placed on the various ways and methods retro doom could affect you by, pointing out the staggeringly obvious : retro doom does not need to "try" to make your soul react - it simply needs the volume, and you will have no choice, but to submit.

Rating : 8.2 / 10

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