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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deathraiser - Violent Aggression review

Year : 2011
Genre : Thrash Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Brazil
Rating : 6.0 / 10

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Brazilian Deathraiser's efficiency reaches its constant and quite limited peak through the band's insatiable desire to engage full power weaponry right away. This musical intent to kill on sight, while super-similar to recent delivery Toxic Holocaust's Conjure and Command in nature, now comes to you in an even more pronounced form. THAT would be something to say. A record coming to you with such charming of a title as "Violent Aggression", surely must be violent and aggressive, as violence doesn't tend to be peaceful, does it? Attempting to channel radical emotional energy via relentlessly intense playing being committed against nearby musical instruments is legit, yes, but!

When 75% of your 27 minutes record is based on the same fucking riff being chased around on a single guitar string, then you can sell your first three songs maybe, before putting your audience to sleep. You play for sleeping people from then on, which is a rather perplexing sight, considering the style's spiritual mission. Read on to know more about this otherwise quite charismatic and vile Brazilian sleep deprivation experiment.

Deathraiser gives ALL for the considerable joy of controlled inner destruction, and, luckily, the band has a very fine and profound - behold or kill the beauty of the paradox - sense of balance as far as presentation and production "needs". As noted, this album sounds filthy and vile, as a thrash album probably should. But it does not do anything else than accomplishing its goal of sounding filthy and vile right from its first second. The riffs, though showing the capacity to exist with a function, are very rudimentary and lack any form of elegance, and are born without exception from the mere intent to demand something out of those musical instruments by sheer muscle power. Sure, they will submit and give out to you some weird sonic entities reigning in a place between noise and music, but the pulse of the record is an entirely different matter, and also one this release shows extremely limited capacities at.

The plan on this here spin is to summon the same intense feel, but it has no more than two faces on this LP. Yes, I counted it. Twice. You have a speedy tempo, and a mid tempo. In the middle? In the middle you have the Magical Naked Guitar Riff, that shows itself around for half a bar or two, bowing down to the golden tradition of thrash. The vocalist is decent, his pitch-lacking spouting is swimming in the mix JUST at the right height, and, funnily enough, the solid, raw guitar solos tend to intercept you in an intentionally monumental fashion. Whenever they arrive, they command everything in the background, and then they state their respective verdicts.

The music, on the other hand, is so profoundly limited that the occasional tempo changes it shows some level of mercy with, all feel like a woman's touch after years in Hell's most imaginative prison. If very limited thrash is your cup of tea, then bring a gasoline can with you and fill it with this. If very limited thrash is not your cup of tea, then still give it a listen, because the sound of the album is pretty legit. All other stuff on it is : uhuh, thank you, come again.

Rating : 6.0 / 10

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