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Friday, July 8, 2011

Consfearacy - Consfearacy review

Year : 2011
Genre : Thrash / Power / Groove
Label : Independent
Origin : United States / Germany
Rating : 8.6 / 10

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Consfearacy's self titled affair spins for 42 energized minutes of continuous and rather inventive attempts at blending the trademark traits of various metallic sub-genres into colorful autonomous declarations, each sticking though to a cleverly raw and muscular character the album cultivates as a prime direction to project itself as.

By giving you the palpable basic sensation of thrash metal utterly failing to give a shit about what you think or do not think of it, Consfearacy utilizes this commanding feeling to pull playfulness and groove out of its rabid body from time to time, just to hide all the pleasantries and unleash the intense nihil - aua - of thrash once again in the next bar.

The 10 tracks have a pair of common denominators they secretly and soothingly assuage in the background without a stop : Consfearacy, first of all, is not at all afraid to unleash an output that simply has no concept of subtraction from intensity. Everything here is happening for a wide, thick, weighty experience, one which though never quite crosses the border of death metal type musical brutality that may exhibit the tendency of being a bit hard to approach towards.

Consfearacy delivers compositions with rock-solid ideas behind them, each realized with raw, nevertheless carefully sculpted and highly efficient musical musculature. Addressing these attributes in a clear and easily decipherable fashion is a focal method of how this album throws its fingers towards the throat of your propensity to appreciate.

The last track on the spin, "You're dead to me" is a fine example of the dormant workings herein : while the anatomical structure of the background compliments the mere power of the chug during the chorus, the vocal melody mounts true catch and elegance on top of the monster, addressing even the "our hair against the wind" power metal vibe for a tint of a second. And not for a tad more, and that is why the moment in question seems and sounds to be a great one.

The LP, while brings forth a keen readiness to engage the thrash metal cannon, also keeps an eye and an ear out for lush compositional routes to take, systematically and luckily arriving at choruses and interludes that speak a non-theatrical, pretty much unorthodox and wild power metal register, one which refrains from giving the traditional nod for the so easily abusable pathos, and, instead, expresses its endless affection towards the mere catch and weight of the groove.

This is a furious, superbly controlled and elegantly presented album with meticulous production work, making use of a wisely limited selection of sonic war-wielders. Consfearacy's musicians had zero doubt about what they wanted to do with this spin, and what they wanted to stay safely away from. These clear intentions are flattered further by the audible results they have produced. Consfearacy's latest to date confronts your musical awareness with an album that manages to reign strongly throughout tasteful tints of great variation, maintaining this great attribute not by trying to do so, but, simply by doing so, instead.

Rating : 8.6 / 10

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