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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Induxion Mental - Arruinados En Veneno review

Year : 2011
Genre : Thrash Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Argentina
Rating : 9.0 / 10

With Arruinados En Veneno, Argentinian thrasher-trio Induxion Mental brings you the timeless freshness of old school thrash metal with a contemporary, genuine passion behind the intention to do so. Thrash does not seem to be one of the sub-genres of metal that needs to be colored and / or refined, as the style already reigns in the position of being able to incorporate all notable elements of efficient sonic soul harassment that you could summon out of a drum, a pair of guitars, a bass and some nearby throats ready to address some long-term frustration(s) that come(s) to mind.

These elements are numerous, as are the charms of old school thrash metal. Behind these charms-, and, at the very center of them, lies and commands the Riff, the mere entity that separates a waste of thrash - sorry about that - from a declaration that has the fruitful capacity to live and breath through the Riff, casually thrashing stuff while encountering it.

Induxion Mental's latest to date spin is an efficiently realized tribute to the timeless freshness of old school thrash : the compositions are solid, with the ever-present urge and related intent to keep and offer rhythmic variations around, yet the convoluted complexity of the builds wisely stays away from particularly notable or relevant extremities, concentrating instead on approaching the classic thrashing feel as efficiently as possible right from the beginning, while the band's inner clock of musical awareness has a quite optimal calibration on how to-, and where to go from a particular space in the musical fabric they create at any given moment.

The production is a well researched and quite skillfully engineered mixture of a set of pivotal attributes that give you the feel of this record : at its core, this mix is rasp, wild and nihilistic, and still it has the capacity and related sobriety to recognize how it would be crushed under its own weight if to address its own elements too aggressively : the drums and guitars - bass included - go for a classic thrash sound instead, without any desire satisfied or suggested to mount further elements on the tank that already is thrashing efficiently, thank you, come again.

From a vocal point of pronounced misery contribution, Induxion Mental brings forth a rather efficient and acceptable method : the singer picks up his favorite solo musical note of doubt and rage at the very beginning of the affair, and delivers his lamentations on that particular pitch, maybe hitting the upper and lower neighbors on a few occasions. This vocal approach is not at all one without its autonomous charms, and, strangely enough, a twisted kind of beauty : the singer can kickstart a wide variety of properly animalistic screams and related vocal sounds from the comfort zone of his favorite vocal region. It is audible that he has solid intent and great comfort to transmit energy, and also a wide variety of ideas on how to convince you about that.

One could stop for a minute and ponder how to attempt to recruit words to transmit the intensity of what thrash wants to communicate, but it is so much efficient when it hits you, instead. Fueled by a genuine love for-, and a well positioned understanding of the style, Arruinados En Veneno is a thrash output that you rather want to be thrashed away by, as opposed of missing out on it entirely.

Rating : 9.0 / 10

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