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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Post Trauma - Sleepless review

Year : 2012
Genre : Country Blues Rock Crossover
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Post Trauma is a country/blues rock crossover audio attraction from the United States, pioneered and lead by project mastermind Billy Ulrich. 2012, November marks the release date of the first massive portion of the double sided (and highly double barreled compatible) monster LP "Sleepless/Dreamless", weighing in with 25 tracks of bourbon-soaked soulseeking. This review is based on said first segment of the soon-complete project, which is doubtless to be regarded as a full scale installation on its own merits already - the complete installment is scheduled to entertain your receivers and receptors in May, 2013. Read on to know more about this ambitious project.

According to the bio section available at the official site, Billy Ulrich could never stop writing songs, and never even wanted to. It soon became obvious that the ideas are not only to be written down, but the time also has come to realize those in a studio environment with fellow musicians operating with a similar mindset. The resultant mixture is an intimate, honest, deeply personal yet easily relatable stroll amidst finely resonated country fascinations, ones that hardly if ever cease to court blues rock vibes while revealing their respective anatomies.

Country music oftentimes is ready and even grateful if it has to tolerate a tint of grit in a production context, and with great delight I experience that the richness, the properly positioned rawness of the sound is a more eminent priority of the record than exhibiting ice cold crystal clarity is. The chord passages and the melodic arches are reflecting a passionate understanding and love of pretty involved country music mechanics, and, during tracks like "The Road", the lead vocalist - I presume, Billy himself - shows high capacity vocal power that is not afraid to experiment with the boundaries of the genre.

The fabric of the disc is colorful in moods, tempos and modalities. Sometimes it takes you along a warm, fuzzy soundscape which is pretty much entirely free of intimidating tendencies, though showing equal readiness to pose relevant in a more upbeat context. While I admire the slower declarations, one personal current peak moment for me - I'm not going to get out of this with a credible face, trust me - is the track called "The Jerk-off Song (Unspoken)", which, anatomically speaking, is situated between the intersection of a full blown, - NO! pun intended - legit Elvis Presley song AND the musical rhetorics of Foo Fighters - the song itself conveys a hilarious rockabilly/beatnik emotional disposition with no traces of ineptitude tolerated towards the comic book severity the track is great, inventive testament of. As noted, even the Beatles comes to mind as a connotation.

The band has made a video clip with hot chicks, booze and a pool in it, and, to be honest, you can't really go wrong from that point on, no matter how hard you try. I have decided to embed said clip on this site.

Another interesting side note : the band is sponsored by renowned high profile German beverage brand J├Ągermeister. No, I'm not mentioning this because of hoping to score a crate of the stuff, - really, mom. - I mention it so other eminent brands might decide to sponsor the up and coming artist before she/he gets to be an alcoholic. Ironic, huh.

So drink up, guys, but responsibly!! Like this particular blond lady, right below the hat.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these guys!! They are fun, energetic, and raw. The entire album just makes you feel good. You guys rock! And the singer is hot ;)

  2. I love the CD! I have not heard anything else since I got it! And every time I seem to hear something I missed before. Keep on rocking Post Trauma!


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