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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Earcandy - Motown Gold act review

Earcandy is a UK based sonic enterprise that is ready and able to deliver live music performances as the hallmarks of any event and/or a senselessly wild birthday party you could be the premiere extra surprise of. I have been contacted by a representative of said firm, and been asked to check out one of the acts the company offers on its current roster, and I assume that the selection palette will be even richer than it is right now.

I'm a Michael Jackson fan, - and you are one too, you got that?? - so my choice was the act called "Motown Gold", a quintet - logically - of five friendly people who exhibit high skill levels at rendering the music of the Motown era in a fluent, family friendly fashion. They bring the real deal,  and the lady who sings the trademark lines of the "kid Jacko", is especially convincing. Motown, by the way, is the record label that produced the LPs Michael Jackson sang on in his childhood while fortifying the ranks of The Jackson Five.

Based on my impressions, it seems safe to say that UK based Earcandy delivers along a tasteful musical comfort zone which is highly compatible with the targeted peak moment of a civilized party your business partners can attend to without the risk of anyone getting any more drunk than it is suitable around well defined cleavages and radically exploited lobsters.

If the idea of crowning an event with a musical performance sounds - hah. - good to you,  check out Earcandy at their official site today at : http://earcandylive.co.uk

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