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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Souljunky - I Found Your Dream review

Year : 2012
Genre : Melodic Rock, Soft Rock, Disco
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Chigaco based Souljunky brings exceptionally smart and eloquently shaped melodic soft rock, radiating a vibe that has full throttle capacity to convey the emotional disposition of the highest peaks of a laid back, slick retroid character. Think of the tremendous Scarface soundtrack, and embed a bit - JUST a bit - of The Cure, the golden era of disco, a form of Bee-Gees without the high pitch head voice singing into it, and spice the resultant mix with a keen understanding of how to construct memorable choruses of dignity and harmonic elegance Aerosmith style. This isn't all yet : I personally am cosmically horrified by the music of U2 and I don't like it (that much [at all]), yet, this particular formation manages to convey the ethos of U2, too - SIC! - via their more mysterious and dainty contributions. Read on to know more about this Souljunky LP.

The disc maintains a solid-, aptly shaped soundscape that permeates the album and bends to the will of the respective compositions within well developed, mature sonic volumetrics. Intimacy is key. Not just in your secret lamentations about female legs, perv. The harmonies are revealed through a trivium of piano, arpeggiated guitar shapes and a warmer-than-usual synth that sounds/seems to throw a tiny wink to dark pop - though the music never gets outright pessimistic, thank God & Co. for that, too. Nevertheless, this previous notion about the synth certainly does a nice job of embedding an extra layer of enigma to sink a pair of ears or more into throughout the set of tracks that tolerate a tint of melancholy in their fabric. Luckily, the release strays far away from passionate misery immersion, and is not a safe recommendation as the musical backdrop for risk free suicide parties.

With 50+ minutes, the album is of a healthy length, and thus it has sufficient real estate to cast different kinds of lights on the primordial core it builds around. While the flow has no shortcomings immense enough to be worth noting, it certainly packs peak moments AND a whole set of those. The song called "Once Again (With Feeling)" is easily among the best songs I have heard in this year so far, and you know that Yours, Truly is not (always) the tame kind who gives this radical compliment with ease at every corner. Said song packs a heartwrenchingly beautiful chorus while courting the golden era of the disco culture. The tune totally turns you into molten lava, - did you notice the not-that-covert tautology? - so it is an immediate recommendation in case you don't have a heart, as this particular track just might give you one.

Other songs that immediately have caught my most intimate attention, are present, too. The opening track is one of those, too - with its haughty/honest/slick demeanor exhibited in the vocals, and with a daintily hefty verse structure, the song summons the fine practices of relatively little known Australian band Flash In The Pan, a formation that shaped the face of exigent, easily approachable soft rock starting from the early '80s. Can't tell you about the '60s, because I wasn't a confirmed project by THAT time, and those who were, claim that if you remember the '60s, then you weren't part of them, anyway.

The disc weighs in as a coherent, well balanced whole, packing the fine and delicate capacity to grow on you. In other words, the latest Souljunky disc is one you may find yourself in a relationship with, and this is the most a record can give to you, and the most you can give to a record. Funnily enough, the album is almost impertinently good in a context that it summons the legit Scarface/golden era soft rock vibe here and now in 2012, emphasizing that the inherent feeling happens to be eternal, and reigns ready and able to re-manifest itself IF being felt and invoked. On the disk, mentioned magical occurrence is surprisingly palpable and oftentimes magnificently precise without doubt, so hereby I deem the release an immediate recommendation for music fans fascinated by original, exigent audio work with true musical vision and identity behind it.

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