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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sonic Nights - Mirrors (ReMastered) review

Year : 2012
Genre : Punk Poprock, Saloon Punk
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

This review starts out with an excerpt taken from the biography of the project.

"Sonic Nights is the new project of brothers Tom and Arthur Lohrmann. The band is a continuation of their year and a half solo project which frequented the DC Metro Area. Sonic Nights connects the best elements of Pop, 70's Rock, Dance, and Alternative music to create a new sound of their own. With a new EP on the way from Producer Sean Small (The Downtown Fiction, Friday Night Boys, Crash Boom Bang), Sonic Nights is ready to level the boom."

Read on to know more about the remastered version of this album.

The music of Sonic Nights is straightforward as a punch in the solar plexus, only louder and swifter : combine golden era Green Day - not to imply there were other eras of them - and coat it into a well researched layer of restless relentless radio friendliness. The band shows a tendency to reveal musical drama from the similar direction Muse often does the same thing from, and, whenever Sonic Nights decides to consort the cheerful/brisk Green Day disposition with the almost bittersweet/goth britpop vibes, memorable moments that are worthy to revisit and interesting sonic pattern-pairs are not reluctant to submit and appear.

These moments though are in the smaller minority (clap!, clap!) on this particular package, as the start-out portion excels at delivering well defined audio sugar bombs of the soft rock/saloon punk type. Surprises are scarce, as are the numbers of mistakes committed. I tend to think there are none, or, at least, not ones that you care to whine about. The disc weighs in is a relatively short declaration as an LP, yet utilizes this time with superb efficiency, even showing a will and desire to experiment : the track "Lead You On" brings to mind early Faith Mo More connotations, minus the metal coresque clean singing, which though is decently realized. The chorus of the song is definitely Faith No More-ish. Fortifying this fortunate experimental and more mature trend, the concluding track "All These Monster" maintains the tendency to look for a more established identity, and the results are pretty convincing in some regards : once again, a decent synthpop chorus spiced up by electric presence, and you have to love the simplistic guitar meme in the fabric of this song, which reeks "Apache". If you REALLY really want to know more about "Apache", YouTube "Apache retro", having seen the thing, I am not in a spiritual condition to dare seek out the link myself.

With the disc, Sonic Nights doubtless proves that the duo of brothers can engineer and deliver hefty Green Day/saloon punk songs, while the climax of the album reflects an urge to find their own tone for a (much welcomed) change, both metaphorically and literally speaking. This is a band you might want to keep an eye on - but make sure you have something to wipe the slime off with.

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