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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Andaone - Computer Love review

Year : 2010
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance with a touch of Ambient
Label : New Move Records
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Andaone is both the person and the moniker behind the Computer Love project, a healthily sized quasi-EP that does a steady job of administering straight-to-the-dancefloor pop rhetorics on the surface, but it gets even better than the orthodox 4/4 pummeling. First and foremost, the backdrops are relentlessly chased by eloquently sculpted rap sequences, while the music has a reoccurring tendency to entertain the ears with pretty well developed instrumental sequences of a tamer approach from time to time. It is not an exaggeration to regard relevant parts of the flow as top of the heat hip hop warfare, either. The track called "360" is a competent, brisk rap installment with clever lyrics and a hook that grips the throat of an urbanistic contemporary inner experience you surely will be familiar with if and when you live in any civilized (hah.) city. Read on to know more about Computer Love.

 The central structure of this album is pretty flamboyant in the sense that it takes the liberty to take you on an adventure of vastly different "basic" moods, and it does not feel embarrassed to shamelessly exploit even the most conventional major-based chord progression if and when it feels to, but a playful and competent will to litter the relatively trite sonic spaces with fun audio entities, always makes up for the virtually ubiquitous nearness of the conformity which you would prefer not having to tolerate on certain occasions while the spin commands your OH!, so curious musical awareness. The opening track is a good example of this tendency : the song has much more in store than you falsely would assume based on its introduction, and especially so when it finds interesting ways to compliment the flow with smarmy, fuzzy stringed instruments. At THAT point, it really is pretty cool.

Whenever these stringed instruments present themselves throughout the songs, the builds change into a particularly intriguing mood that occupies a fine musical space on an intersection of Yello - a Swiss synthpop  duo whose members are hiding in your closer right now - and the best moments of the tracker-based music of the Amiga era. If you don't know the feeling I'm referring to, then you should YouTube this : "moody breeze". Why don't I give you a link? Because I want you to remember the song title.

As a solely subjective percept, I'm going to say this : though the disc INITIALLY sounds to have a relative hard time deciding if it wants to go pop-unalloyed OR if it wants to commit itself to do something more interesting, the addition of the secondary-, layered elements - especially those nice, smarmy, harmonic synths and the healthy hip hop - almost always find ways to evolve the music a level or two higher than what you originally anticipated to get. In this regard, the album is a pleasant surprise, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the follow-up outing of the ensemble would be an even more punchy one, had they start at the position these songs arrive through via their respective evolutionary paths. An interesting take on all of its prime components and ambitions, Computer Love features quite a few fine electric moments worthy to revisit.

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