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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gone For Days - Gone For Days EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Alternative Rock with a Stoner Rock flavor
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Paradoxically, Gone For Days comes (SIC!) to a spot near you to molest silence with ruthless efficiency. The quartet sports and brings a ripe understanding of exigently constructed alternative/stoner rock. Think of a trivium-consortium composed of the radio friendly behavior of Stone Sour, the melodic rhetorics of Disturbed, and add JUST a hint of Place of Skulls on top, and you will have a quite trusty image of the shape of music the self titled EP features. The compositonal tactics exhibited on the spin are easy to decipher and even easier to enjoy without noticing it, - this is a key trick in music, and, once summoned, the music is doing something right - making the 7 entries highly suitable prospects to receive sublime airtime on a radioshow without the band members and their agenda losing credit and dignity in the process. The data is without doubt engineered to be safely approachable from different directions, and it strikes up a pretty sober and muscular balance amidst the elements it emerges to court. Read on to know more about this pleasant alternative/stoner rock effort.

As noted already, this EP will not give you any problems at all, as you will be able to decode the tasteful musical transmission on the fly, right at your fist attempt at them. Despite their robust, yet smartly contained sonic proportions, the tracks ultimately bow down to the command of entertainment, and elegantly submit to orthodox compositional strategies AND emerge as highly acceptable patterns when scrutinized for their own autonomous merits. The songs dare to sport anatomies you are not likely end up being shocked or surprised at, but, most importantly, the content that fills the anatomy structures, is never falling short of the capacity to keep all premier charms of the style at its disposal, unleashing those on your awareness with much welcomed variation. I will stick to my suggested percept nevertheless, and will stress in a more pronounced manner that the disc did not come to reinvent your concept of the tamer type of alternative/stoner rock, but it is pretty safe to say that it entertains and showcases a surprisingly competent command of the very heart and soul of its chosen blend of genres.

The sound of the music is thick and heavy, yet its character registers as tame at heart. A snob can offer only a limited amount of consecutive compliments without losing an excuse for a face, so the one thing that I might have been more happy with, are the more intricately sculpted riffs, especially considering that the ensemble showcases great competency in this department on some occasions, while, at other times, they seem to be satisfied with the raw meat charisma of a mean fat guitar that came to stick a message into you, yet said guitar sometimes fails to notice that you have gotten its message already. Once again : the occasions the riffcraft loses its steam on, are very few and far between.

The disc is doing a fluent job at administering 7 steady tracks, and it really is the perfect musical backdrop for a submarine mission during which you hope to find Cthulhu to say "What up!". The one and only subjective caveat I care to mention is related to the overall mood disposition of the EP. Sure enough, it IS an EP, and the exhibited consistency is even more crucial than the thing I will be whining about like a little bitch in a second. With this spin, the Gone For Days guys eradicate all doubt that they can convey and execute weighty, yet tame stoner songs, and I, for one would be ultra-curious to hear them throw the lever into those upper gears, and soak my awareness into how the band goes high-octane on the silly little thing called silence. In other words : the EP is a virtually flawless introductory declaration which definitely puts the quartet on the map, but, I want to hear these guys going m4d on an upcoming LP that I hope we will have the chance to rock out to as soon as - logically - possible.

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